Terrace Water leakage Solutions:

Water leakages in terrace are caused due to few reasons one of them being expansion and contraction as terrace is always exposed to weather and during extreme heat expansion in the floor creates air gaps which gets filled by water during monsoon.

Water find it’s own least resistivity path through the gaps created and cause water leakage and weaken the structure as well leading to more damages.

One more factor leading to water leakages is if there are plants planted on terrace as we call terrace garden and if the plants are planted in a concrete holder, over the period of time as the plant grows so does its roots which are strong enough to create cracks and gaps in the concrete plant holder and as water is poured daily the water finds its own way causing water leakages.

We have also seen multiple holes which are drilled to fix a place holder for heavy generators or exhaust causing good amount of vibration during its use, which leads to movement which creates gap for water to enter inside the premises during monsoon and if the same is not been treated at right time, the cracks increases, so does the pathway for water gets more prominent, leading to heavy water leakages from terrace during monsoon.

Regardless of the various unwanted issues causing water leakages from terrace, we are expert in finding the source of water leakage and fix it without breaking.

As current conventional methods requires breaking which damages structure even more, we with our non destructive water leakage technology resolved any kind of leakages from terrace without breaking along with a 8 years guarantee.

We work on objective basis, which is our property, should be leakage free regardless of the circumstances.

We during finding the source also look for future prone sources, which will lead to water leakage from terrace and fix the same without breaking.

Our Day to Day Expert Assignment:

Arresting Water Leakages from the terrace to the below Flats Without Breaking,

Fixing Water Leakages from the Above Flats Without Breaking,

Stopping Water Leakage from the Terrace Without Breaking,

Sealing Water Leakages from the External Source Without Breaking,

Resolving / Fixing any kind of Water Leakages in the Basements, Car parking Area, Building lift pits, Expansion joints, etc without Breaking.

Resolving / Fixing any kind of Water Leakages from the terrace, window gaps, common shaft, common pipes, duct wall, etc. without Breaking.

Our Objective:

To resolve the Water Leakage & Water Dripping Issues.

The Advantages to our Clients are as follows:

  1. We Conduct Free Site Visit in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai as per the convenience of client and us.
  1. We Detect the Source of Leakages & Fixit without Breaking.
  1. Methodology – EMWLSDP8
  1. Customer Satisfaction Period eight years.

Our Approach To Your Need: (Procedure for Terrace related water leakage)

  1. Finding the source of water leakage and fix the same without breaking by pouring chemical mix water which fills the micro capillaries created due to various reasons and make terrace waterproof.
  2. This Process requires approximately 30 to 60 Minutes only. The Mentioned Process Time may vary depending upon the Site Conditions.
  3. The above-mentioned Procedure may also be required to do Multiple times in Periodical Intervals depending upon the Site Conditions.
  4. Our scope of work is limited to fixing of Water Leakages only without Prejudice. Any other work related to above job such as Pop, Painting, Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, providing of support services such as scaffolding, providing ladder, water, electricity, & Housekeeping Before & After The Work etc. is in Client’s scope of Work.
  5. Terms of Payment – 75% Advance along with Work Order and balance 25% immediately after completion of Work.
  6. Commencement Period – As suitable to both of us.
  7. Completion Period – Approximately 06 Days, It may vary depending upon the site conditions.
  8. Validity of the Quotation/Proforma Invoice – 03 Days.
  9. Customer Satisfaction Period – 8 years, if the leakage is observed at same place it will be attended free of cost.
  10. Jurisdiction – Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction, without Prejudice.
  11. Subject to Force Majeure Clause.
  12. Subject to COVID-19 lockdown conditions.

More Information on: https://www.electricmediaindia.com/waterproofing-services-in-mumbai/

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