White Ants Treatment:

We don’t believe in causing harm to anyone and to disturb the global ecosystem by interfering in nature, as these white ants are also part of our ecosystem thus equally deserves to be in sync with our mother nature.

We with our 36 years of experience in heat signature analysis, have come up with a solution through various on site experiences that by conducting indirect heating and spraying water mix food grade material, white ants are forced to leave our premises and are further restricted to enter, thus no smell of the treatment.

We understand the inconvenience on how our exclusively chosen furniture and well designed wall can be damaged by white ants.

Thus it’s important to trace its root and eliminate them entering into our structure, as there are certain parameters that allows them to enter and grow further more and sustain upto certain temperature.

We believe in finding the root cause as we do business for our survival and thus we work on objective basis and our objective is to eliminate them from our property through effective and non destructive white ants treatment.

White ants also known as termites are cold blooded animals and thus can only sustain upto a specific cold and warm temperature.

We offer super simple and fast Remedy for termites on wood and walls or drywood termites.

We conduct free site visit in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Aamby Valley, Lonavala, Khandala, & Alibag.

Our day to day expertise:

Eliminating white ants in flats, bungalows, high rise towers, apartments, pent house, duplex, triplex, terrace flat, studio apartments, basement, commercial properties through our unique combination of thermal heating & food grade material as per specific size of the walls and distance from the ground or basement level.

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Electric Media Research And Development is an Indian Infrared Thermography R&D Firm that specializes in Prediction of Future Failures to Save Human Life, Assets, Infrastructures, Mega-Structures, Heritage Structures and Billions of Dollars by Infrared Signature Analysis.

We have our own Baseline study for the past 35 Years.


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+91 9870988888


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