Electric Media Research And Development is expert in providing non-destructive solutions to water leakage as waterproofing contractors and consultants. 

Water leakage, water seepage, water dampness, water dripping, moisture due to water is the main root cause of Health Problems such as:

Allergic Reaction
Asthma Attacks
Bacterial Diseases
Blocked Noses
Chest Tightness
Chronic Health Problems
Daytime Fatigue
Dust Mites
Dwarf Tapeworm Infection
Fever And/Or Difficulty Breathing
Hepatitis A
Hookworm Infection
Infection To Immune System
Inflammation Of Airway Cavity
Mold-Related Sleep Problems
Nasal Congestion
Parasite Diseases
Rashes (Dermatitis)
Red Eyes
Reduce Lung Function
Respiratory Infections
Respiratory Problems
Respiratory Symptoms
Runny Nose
Sinus Congestion
Sinus Problems
Skin Rash
Sleep Deprivation
Snoring Or Sleep Apnea
Threadworm Infection
Throat Irritation
Throat, Nose And Skin Irritation
Upper And Lower Respiratory Infection
Viral Diseases

Following People may get affected due to Water leakage, water seepage, water dampness, water dripping, moisture due to water, etc

Babies And Children
Cancer Patients
Elderly People
Liver Disease People
People Whose Immune Systems Are Compromised Due To HIV Infection
People With Chronic Lung Disease
Those With A Weakened Immune System, Such As Those Having Chemotherapy
Those With Existing Skin Problems, Such As Eczema
Those With Respiratory Problems, Such As Allergies And Asthma

We provide solutions to control water leakage, water seepage, water dampness, water dripping, moisture, condensation, etc. such as Treating of Water leakage, water seepage, water dampness, water dripping, moisture due to water in Interior Wall, Exterior Wall, Adjacent Wall, Bathroom, Kitchen, Roofs, Ceiling, Basement, Flower Bed, Veranda, Gallery, Windows, Doors, Toilets, Lift Pits, Staircase, Hall, Bedroom, Child Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Servant Room, Vastu, Pooja Room, Flooring, Skirting, TV Studio Room, Guest Room, Sliding Window, Sujja, Parapet Walls, Terrace, Balcony, False Ceiling, AC Ducts, Partitions, Façade, Jacuzzi, Wooden Flooring, Tiles, Marble, Granite, Wallpapers, WC, Washroom, Passage, Swimming Pools, Gym, Shafts, Podium, Car Parking Area, Security Cabins, Underground Water Tank, Overhead Water Tanks, Lift Shafts, Watchmen Cabin, Meter Room, Auditorium, Civil Infrastructure, Civil Mega structure, Heritage Structures, etc.

Water Terminology:


Chemical Formula

One Oxygen
Two Hydrogen Atoms

States of Water
Solid: Ice
Liquid: Water
Gaseous: Steam and Water vapor

Water Cycle
Transpiration (Evapotranspiration)

Water Coverage
71% of the Earth’s surface
Mostly in seas and oceans
Small portions of water occur as groundwater (1.7%)
Glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland (1.7%)
In the air as vapor, clouds (formed of ice and liquid water suspended in air)
Precipitation (0.001%)

Role of Water
As A Scientific Standard
Chemical Uses
Heat Exchange
Fire Considerations
Water Industry
Industrial Applications
Food Processing
Medical Use

Thermodynamic Properties
Phase Behavior
Triple Point:273.16 K (0.01 °C), 611.73 Pa
Critical Point:647 K (374 °C), 22.1 Mpa
Enthalpy Change
Of Fusion At 273.15 K, Δfush:6.01 Kj/Mol
Entropy Change Of Fusion
At 273.15 K, 1 Bar, Δfuss:22.0 J/(Mol·K)
Std Enthalpy Change
Of Vaporization, Δvapho:44.0 Kj/Mol
Enthalpy Change Of
Vaporization At 373.15 K, Δvaph:40.68 Kj/Mol
Std Entropy Change
Of Vaporization, Δvapso:118.89 J/(Mol·K)
Entropy Change Of
Vaporization At 373.15 K, Δvaps:109.02 J/(Mol·K)
Sublimation At 273.15 K, Δsubh:51.1 Kj/Mol
Std Entropy Change Of Sublimation
At 273.15 K, 1 Bar, Δsubs:~144 J/(Mol·K)
Molal Freezing Point Constant:−1.858 °C Kg/Mol
Molal Boiling Point Constant:0.512 °C Kg/Mol

Solid Properties
Std Enthalpy Change Of Formation, Δfhosolid:−291.83 Kj/Mol
Standard Molar Entropy Sosolid:41 J/(Mol K)
Heat Capacity, Cp:12.2 J/(Mol K) At −200 °C
15.0 J/(Mol K) At −180 °C
17.3 J/(Mol K) At −160 °C
19.8 J/(Mol K) At −140 °C
24.8 J/(Mol K) At −100 °C
29.6 J/(Mol K) At −60 °C
32.77 J/(Mol K) At −38.3 °C
33.84 J/(Mol K) At −30.6 °C
35.20 J/(Mol K) At −20.8 °C
36.66 J/(Mol K) At −11.0 °C
37.19 J/(Mol K) At −4.9 °C
37.84 J/(Mol K) At −2.2 °C

Liquid Properties
Std Enthalpy Change Of Formation, Δfholiquid:−285.83 Kj/Mol
Standard Molar Entropy Soliquid:69.95 J/(Mol K)
Heat Capacity, Cp:75.97 J/(Mol K) And 4.2176 J/(G·K) At 0 °C
75.42 J/(Mol K) And 4.1921 J/(G·K) At 10 °C
75.33 J/(Mol K) And 4.1818 J/(G·K) At 20 °C
75.28 J/(Mol K) And 4.1814 J/(G·K) At 25 °C
75.26 J/(Mol K) And 4.1784 J/(G·K) At 30 °C
75.26 J/(Mol K) And 4.1785 J/(G·K) At 40 °C
75.30 J/(Mol K) And 4.1806 J/(G·K) At 50 °C
75.37 J/(Mol K) And 4.1843 J/(G·K) At 60 °C
75.46 J/(Mol K) And 4.1895 J/(G·K) At 70 °C
75.58 J/(Mol K) And 4.1963 J/(G·K) At 80 °C
75.74 J/(Mol K) And 4.2050 J/(G·K) At 90 °C
75.94 J/(Mol K) And 4.2159 J/(G·K) At 100 °C

Liquid Physical Properties
Velocity Of Sound In Water C In Distilled Water At 25 °C: 1498 M/S
C At Other Temperatures: 1403 M/S At 0 °C:
1427 M/S At 5 °C
1447 M/S At 10 °C
1481 M/S At 20 °C
1507 M/S At 30 °C
1526 M/S At 40 °C
1541 M/S At 50 °C
1552 M/S At 60 °C
1555 M/S At 70 °C
1555 M/S At 80 °C
1550 M/S At 90 °C
1543 M/S At 100 °C
0.983854 G/Cm3 At −30 °C: 0.99221 G/Cm3 At 40 °C
0.993547 G/Cm3 At −20 °C: 0.99022 G/Cm3 At 45 °C
0.998117 G/Cm3 At −10 °C: 0.98804 G/Cm3 At 50 °C
0.9998395 G/Cm3 At 0 °C: 0.98570 G/Cm3 At 55 °C
0.999972 G/Cm3 At 3.984 °C
0.9999720 G/Cm3 At 4 °C: 0.98321 G/Cm3 At 60 °C
0.99996 G/Cm3 At 5 °C: 0.98056 G/Cm3 At 65 °C
0.9997026 G/Cm3 At 10 °C: 0.97778 G/Cm3 At 70 °C
0.9991026 G/Cm3 At 15 °C: 0.97486 G/Cm3 At 75 °C
0.9982071 G/Cm3 At 20 °C: 0.97180 G/Cm3 At 80 °C
0.9977735 G/Cm3 At 22 °C: 0.96862 G/Cm3 At 85 °C
0.9970479 G/Cm3 At 25 °C: 0.96531 G/Cm3 At 90 °C
0.9956502 G/Cm3 At 30 °C: 0.96189 G/Cm3 At 95 °C
0.99403 G/Cm3 At 35 °C: 0.95835 G/Cm3 At 100 °C
1.7921 Mpa·S (Cp) At 0 °C: 0.5494 Mpa·S At 50 °C
1.5188 Mpa·S At 5 °C: 0.5064 Mpa·S At 55 °C
1.3077 Mpa·S At 10 °C: 0.4688 Mpa·S At 60 °C
1.1404 Mpa·S At 15 °C: 0.4355 Mpa·S At 65 °C
1.0050 Mpa·S At 20 °C: 0.4061 Mpa·S At 70 °C
0.8937 Mpa·S At 25 °C: 0.3799 Mpa·S At 75 °C
0.8007 Mpa·S At 30 °C: 0.3635 Mpa·S At 80 °C
0.7225 Mpa·S At 35 °C: 0.3355 Mpa·S At 85 °C
0.6560 Mpa·S At 40 °C: 0.3165 Mpa·S At 90 °C
0.5988 Mpa·S At 45 °C: 0.2994 Mpa·S At 95 °C
0.2838 Mpa·S At 100 °C
Surface Tension
75.64 Dyn/Cm At 0 °C: 69.56 Dyn/Cm At 40 °C
74.92 Dyn/Cm At 5 °C: 68.74 Dyn/Cm At 45 °C
74.22 Dyn/Cm At 10 °C: 67.91 Dyn/Cm At 50 °C
73.49 Dyn/Cm At 15 °C: 66.18 Dyn/Cm At 60 °C
72.75 Dyn/Cm At 20 °C: 64.42 Dyn/Cm At 70 °C
71.97 Dyn/Cm At 25 °C: 62.61 Dyn/Cm At 80 °C
71.18 Dyn/Cm At 30 °C: 60.75 Dyn/Cm At 90 °C
70.38 Dyn/Cm At 35 °C: 58.85 Dyn/Cm At 100 °C

Gas Properties
Std Enthalpy Change Of Formation, Δfhogas:−241.83 Kj/Mol
Standard Molar Entropy Sogas:188.84 J/(Mol K)
Heat Capacity, Cp:36.5 J/(Mol K) At 100 °C
36.1 J/(Mol K) At 200 °C
36.2 J/(Mol K) At 400 °C
37.9 J/(Mol K) At 700 °C
41.4 J/(Mol K) At 1000 °C
Heat Capacity, Cv:27.5 J/(Mol K) At 100 °C
27.6 J/(Mol K) At 200 °C
27.8 J/(Mol K) At 400 °C
29.5 J/(Mol K) At 700 °C
33.1 J/(Mol K) At 1000 °C
Heat Capacity Ratio,
Γ = Cp/Cv:1.324 At 100 °C
1.310 At 200 °C
1.301 At 400 °C
1.282 At 700 °C
1.252 At 1000 °C
Van Der Waals’ Constants:A = 553.6 L2 Kpa/Mol2
B = 0.03049 L/Mol

Structure and Properties
Index of refraction, nD:1.333 at 20 °C
Dielectric constant:88.00 at 0 °C
86.04 at 5 °C
84.11 at 10 °C
82.22 at 15 °C
80.36 at 20 °C
78.54 at 25 °C
76.75 at 30 °C
75.00 at 35 °C
73.28 at 40 °C
71.59 at 45 °C
69.94 at 50 °C
66.74 at 60 °C
63.68 at 70 °C
60.76 at 80 °C
57.98 at 90 °C
55.33 at 100 °C
Bond strength:492.215 kJ/mol O–H bond dissociation energy
Bond length:95.87 pm (equilibrium)
Bond angle:104.48° (equilibrium)
Magnetic susceptibility:−9.04 × 10−6 volume SI units.

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We can act as a Waterproofing Contractors and Consultants to following industries:

3d Displays Industry
3d Printing & Bio Printing Industry
4g Cellular Communication Industry
5g Cellular Communications Industry
Abrasives Industry
Accounting & Tax Preparation Industry
Acoustical Engineering Industry
Acrylics Industry
Adhesives Industry
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Aerogel Industry
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Agribusiness Industry
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Air Bags Industry
Air Conditioners Industry
Air Couriers & Cargo Methods Industry
Air Freight Industry
Air Transport Industry
Airborne Wind Turbine Industry
Aircraft Industry
Airlines Industry
Airport Facilities Industry
Airport Harbour & Terminal Operations Industry
Airport Industry
Airport Security Devices Industry
Airport Slots Industry
Alcoholic Beverages Industry
Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturing Industry
Alternative Power Factor Production & Methods Industry
Alternative Power Factor Sources Industry
Amateur Sport Leagues Industry
Ambient Intelligence Industry
Ambulance Methods Industry
Ambulatory Surgery Industry
Amorphous Metal Industry
Amusement Parks & Attractions Industry
Android Industry
Animation Industry
Apparel & Accessories Industry
Apparel Industry
Apparel Stores Industry
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Application Software Industry
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Architectural Methods Industry
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Asset Management Industry
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Audio Industry
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Leakages & Electric Utilities Company
Leakages Line & Oil Refineries Company
Leakages Line Additives Manufacturing Company
Leakages Line Marketing Company
Leakages Line Stations Company
Leakages Utilities Company
Leather Goods Company
Legal Methods Company
Lending & Mortgage Company
Libraries Company
Licensed Professions Company
Light Bulbs Manufacturing Company
Lighting Company
Limestone Company
Limited Company
Limited Liabilities Company
Liquid Company
Liquid Exploration Company
Liquor Wholesaling Company
Lithium Ion Battery Company
Livestock Company
Lobbyists Company
Local Telecommunications Services Company
Lodging & Tourism Company
Logging Company
Logic Devices Company
Logistic Company
Logs Company
Long Distance Carriers Company
Long Distance Telecommunications Company
Long Term Care Facilities Company
Luggage Company
Lumber & Construction Materials Wholesalers Company
Lumber & Wood Production Company
Lumber Company
Machine Tools & Accessories Company
Machine Tools Company
Machine Translation Company
Machine Vision Company
Magazines Company
Magnetic Disks Company
Magneto Rheological Fluid Company
Magnets Manufacturing Company
Major Airlines Company
Major Integrated Oil & Leakages Company
Major League Baseball Company
Major Stock Market Industries Company
Managed Care Networks Company
Management Company
Management Consulting Company
Management Engineering Company
Management Methods Company
Manufacturing Company
Manufacturing Engineering Company
Marinas Company
Marine Shipping Company
Maritime Company
Market Research Company
Marketing Company
Marketing Methods Company
Mass Retail Company
Materials Engineering Company
Materials Science Company
Mattresses Company
Mechanical Engineering Company
Mechatronics Engineering Company
Media Company
Medical Appliances & Equipment Company
Medical Camera Labs Company
Medical Devices & Supplies Company
Medical Devices Company
Medical Equipment Company
Medical Equipment Wholesale Company
Medical Instruments & Supplies Company
Medical Laboratories & Research Company
Medical Supplies & Equipment Company
Medical Supplies Company
Meta Materials Company
Metal & Mineral Wholesalers Company
Metal Fabrication Company
Metal Foam Company
Metals Manufacturing Company
Micro Air Vehicle Company
Micro Finance Business Company
Micro Manufacturing & Distributing Company
Military Engineering Company
Milk Manufacturing Company
Milling Company
Mining & Quarrying Company
Mining Company
Mining Engineering Company
Mining Equipment Company
Miscellaneous Defense Company
Miscellaneous Parts & Repair Company
Miscellaneous Services Company
Mnc Company
Mobile Buildings Company
Mobile Marketing Company
Mobile Marketing Industries
Mobile Phone Company
Molecular Assembler Company
Molecular Engineering Company
Molecular Nanotechnology Company
Motels & Tourism Company
Motion Picture & Distribution Company
Motion Picture & Recording Company
Motion Picture Exhibition Company
Motion Picture Exhibitors Company
Motion Pictures Company
Motor Sports & Racing Company
Motorcycles Manufacturing Company
Movie Production Company
Moving & Methods Company
Moving Company & Methods Company
Multifunction Structures Company
Multimedia & Graphics Software Company
Multinationals Company
Music & Video Stores Company
Music Production Company
Mutual Fund Company
Nano Engineering Company
Nano Robotics Company
Nano Wire Battery Company
Nanomaterial’s Carbon Nano Tubes Company
National Insurance Company
Natural Leakages Pipelines Company
Natural Leakages Pipelines Manufacturing Company
Network Security Products Company
Networking & Communication Devices Company
Networking Equipment & Designs Company
Networking Equipment & Systems Company
New Company
Newspapers Company
Night Vision Equipment Company
Nitrogen Fertilizers Manufacturing Company
Non-Alcoholic Beverages Company
Non-Metallic Mineral Mining Company
Nuclear Engineering Company
Nuclear Power Manufacturing Company
Numerical Controls Company
Nursing Buildings Company
Nursing Methods Company
Nutritional & Dietary Supplements Company
Ocean Shipping Company
Office Equipment & Suppliers Wholesalers Company
Office Equipment Manufacturing Company
Office Machinery & Equipment Company
Office Supplies Company
Office Supplies Stores Company
Offshore Company
Oil & Leakages Drilling & Exploration Company
Oil & Leakages Equipment Company
Oil & Leakages Pipelines Company
Oil & Leakages Refining & Marketing Company
Oil Country Tubular Goods Manufacturing Company
Oil Exploration Company
Oil Pipelines Manufacturing Company
Oil Refining & Distribution Manufacturing Company
Oil Rick Company
Oilfield & Refinery Chemicals Manufacturing Company
Oilfield Methods Manufacturing Company
On Line Methods Company
Online Advertising Company
Online Marketing Company
Online Trading Company
Optical Computing Company
Optical Engineering Company
Out Sourcing Company
Outpatient Care Centers Company
Packaged Food Products Manufacturing Company
Packaging & Containers Company
Packaging Company
Paint Brushes Manufacturing Company
Paint Company
Paper & Paper Products Company
Paper Distribution Company
Paper Making Machinery Company
Paper Plates & Cups Manufacturing Company
Paperboard Company
Parking Lots & Garage Management Company
Participatory Sports & Recreation Company
Passenger Airlines Company
Paving Equipment Company
Payroll Company
Payroll Methods Industries Or Companies
Performing Arts Industries Or Companies
Peripherals Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Personal Care Industries Or Companies
Personal Computers Industries Or Companies
Personal Financial Planning & Private Banking Industries Or Companies
Personal Health Care Industries Or Companies
Personal Health Care Products Industries Or Companies
Personal Methods Industries Or Companies
Personal Products Industries Or Companies
Pest Control Industries
Pesticides Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Petroleum Engineering Industries Or Companies
Petroleum Products Pipelines Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Petroleum Products Wholesalers Industries Or Companies
Pharmaceutical Industries Or Companies
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Pharmaceuticals Industries Or Companies
Phased Array Optics Industries Or Companies
Photo Resistors Industries Or Companies
Photofinishing Methods Industries Or Companies
Photographic Equipment & Supplies Industries Or Companies
Photography Industries Or Companies
Physician Networks Industries Or Companies
Physicians & Other Health Industries Or Companies
Physicians & Other Health Professionals Industries Or Companies
Physicians Industries Or Companies
Pico Technology Industries Or Companies
Pigments Industries Or Companies
Pipe Industries Or Companies
Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Plastics Industries Or Companies
Plumbing Supplies Industries Or Companies
Pollution & Treatment Controls Industries Or Companies
Polyethylene Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Pool Chemicals Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Postal Delivery & Couriers Industries Or Companies
Postal Industries Or Companies
Postal Meters Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Power Engineering Industries Or Companies
Power Factor & Natural Resources Industries Or Companies
Power Factor & Utilities Industries Or Companies
Power Factor & Utilities Other Industries Or Companies
Power Industries Or Companies
Power Plant Engineering Industries Or Companies
Power Utilities Industries Or Companies
Powered Exoskeleton Industries Or Companies
Pr Industries Or Companies
Precious Metals Industries Or Companies
Precision Agriculture Industries Or Companies
Preferred Provider Organizations Industries Or Companies
Prenatal Monitoring Industries Or Companies
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Printed Circuit Boards Industries Or Companies
Printing Industries Or Companies
Printing Plates Industries Or Companies
Prison Detention Equipment Industries Or Companies
Private Limited Industries Or Companies
Process Engineering Industries Or Companies
Processed & Packaged Goods Industries Or Companies
Processing Designs & Products Industries Or Companies
Production Industries Or Companies
Professional Industries Or Companies
Professional Sport Leagues Industries Or Companies
Professional Sports Broadcasting Industries Or Companies
Professional Sports Industries Or Companies
Propane Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Propellers Industries Or Companies
Property Building Materials Industries Or Companies
Property Construction Industries Or Companies
Property Entertainment Industries Or Companies
Property Fighting Devices Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Property Industries Or Companies
Property Management Industries Or Companies
Property Protection Methods Industries Or Companies
Property Transport Industries Or Companies
Psychiatric Methods Industries Or Companies
Public Administration Industries Or Companies
Public Limited Industries Or Companies
Public Relations Industries Or Companies
Public Utilities Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Publishing Industries Or Companies
Pulp & Paper Industries Or Companies
Pulp Making Machinery Industries Or Companies
Pumps Industries Or Companies
Quantum Computing Industries Or Companies
Quantum Cryptography Industries Or Companies
Quantum Dots Industries Or Companies
Radar Tubes Industries Or Companies
Radiation Oncology Methods Industries Or Companies
Radio Frequency Identification Industries Or Companies
Radio Industries Or Companies
Radiology Methods Industries Or Companies
Railroad Freight Cars Industries Or Companies
Railroads Industries Or Companies
Railway Engineering Industries Or Companies
Railway Maintenance Equipment Industries Or Companies
Real Estate & Construction Industries Or Companies
Real Estate & Construction Other Industries Or Companies
Real Estate Development Industries Or Companies
Real Estate Industries Or Companies
Real Estate Investment & Development Industries Or Companies
Record Industries Or Companies & Singers Industries Or Companies
Record Industries Or Companies Industries Or Companies
Recorded Music & Music Production Industries Or Companies
Recorded Music Industries Or Companies
Recreation & Live Entertainment Industries Or Companies
Recreation Instruction Industries Or Companies
Recreational Goods Industries Or Companies
Recreational Vehicles Industries Or Companies
Recruitment Industries Or Companies
Regional Airlines Industries Or Companies
Regional Mid Atlantic Banks Industries Or Companies
Regional Midwest Banks Industries Or Companies
Regional Northeast Banks Industries Or Companies
Regional Pacific Banks Industries Or Companies
Regional Southeast Banks Industries Or Companies
Regional Southwest Banks Industries Or Companies
Release Paper Industries Or Companies
Religious Organizations Industries Or Companies
Relocation Industries Or Companies
Renal Dialysis Industries Or Companies
Rendering Industries Or Companies
Rental Cars Industries Or Companies
Research Industries Or Companies
Research Methods Industries Or Companies
Residential & Long Term Care Facilities Industries Or Companies
Residential Construction Industries Or Companies
Resins Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Resorts & Casinos Industries Or Companies
Restaurants & Bars Industries Or Companies
Restaurants & Drinking Establishments Industries Or Companies
Restaurants Industries Or Companies
Retail Industries Or Companies
Retail Others Industries Or Companies
Retail Sales Industries Or Companies
Ring Laser Gyroscopes Industries Or Companies
River Pilots Industries Or Companies
Robotics Industries Or Companies
Roofing Materials Industries Or Companies
Rubber & Plastics Industries Or Companies
Rubber Industries Or Companies
Sales & Trading Industries Or Companies
Sales Methods Industries Or Companies
Satellite Communications Industries Or Companies
Satellite Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Sausage Casings Industries Or Companies
Savings & Loans Industries Or Companies
Schools & Education Industries Or Companies
Scientific & Technical Instruments Industries Or Companies
Scrap Iron & Steel Industries Or Companies
Sea Transport Industries Or Companies
Search Engine Optimization Industries Or Companies
Securities & Investment Industries Or Companies
Securities Agents & Brokers Industries Or Companies
Security & Protection Methods Industries Or Companies
Security Industries Or Companies
Security Methods Industries Or Companies
Seed Industries Or Companies
Self Reconfiguring Modular Robot Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor & Microchip Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor Broad Line Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor Equipment Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor Memory Chips Industries Or Companies
Semiconductor Specialized Industries Or Companies
Semiconductors Industries Or Companies
Seo Industries Or Companies
Services Industries Or Companies
Sewage Treatment Facilities Industries Or Companies
Shipping Industries Or Companies
Shoe Nails Industries Or Companies
Signage Industries Or Companies
Silicon Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Silicone Industries Or Companies
Silicone Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Silver Industries Or Companies
Small Tools & Accessories Industries Or Companies
Social & Membership Organizations Industries Or Companies
Soft Drinks Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Software & Digital Other Industries Or Companies
Software & Internet Industries Or Companies
Software & Internet Other Industries Or Companies
Software & Methods Industries Or Companies
Software Development Industries Or Companies
Software Engineering Industries Or Companies
Software Industries Or Companies
Solar Energy Industries Or Companies
Solar Industries Or Companies
Solar Panel Industries Or Companies
Solid Waste Disposal & Hauling Industries Or Companies
Special Trade Contractors Industries Or Companies
Specialized Health Methods Industries Or Companies
Specialty Chemicals Industries Or Companies
Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Specialty Eateries Industries Or Companies
Specialty Retail Industries Or Companies
Specialty Steel Industries Or Companies
Spectator Sports & Teams Industries Or Companies
Speech Recognition Software Industries Or Companies
Spices Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Sporting Activities Industries Or Companies
Sporting Goods Industries Or Companies
Sports Arenas Related Equipment & Methods Industries Or Companies
Sports Engineering Industries Or Companies
Staffing & Outsourcing Methods Industries Or Companies
Startup Industries Or Companies
Steel & Iron Industries Or Companies
Steel Industries Or Companies
Steel Production Industries Or Companies
Sterilization Industries Or Companies
Stock Brokers & Investment Industries Or Companies
Structural Engineering Industries Or Companies
Sugar Cane & Sugar Beets Industries Or Companies
Sugar Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Supermarkets Industries Or Companies
Surety & Title Insurance Industries Or Companies
Survey Industries Or Companies
Swarm Robotics Industries Or Companies
Sweeteners Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Swimming Pool Automatic Cleaners Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Synthetic Diamond Industries Or Companies
Synthetics Industries Or Companies
Systems Engineering Industries Or Companies
Tabloids Industries Or Companies
Tape Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Taxi Buses & Transit Systems Industries Or Companies
Taxi Industries Or Companies
Taxicabs Industries Or Companies
Teachers & Education Industries Or Companies
Technical & Design Software Industries Or Companies
Technical & Trade Schools Industries Or Companies
Telecom Industries Or Companies
Telecom Methods & Equipment Industries Or Companies
Telecommunications Equipment & Accessories Industries Or Companies
Telecommunications Industries Or Companies
Telegraphic Engineering Industries Or Companies
Telemarketing Industries Or Companies
Telephone Billing & Collection Industries Or Companies
Telephone Equipment Industries Or Companies
Telephone Inside Wiring Industries Or Companies
Telephone Services Providers & Carriers Industries Or Companies
Telephone Subscriber Listings Industries Or Companies
Telephone Utilities Industries Or Companies
Telescopic Pixel Display Industries Or Companies
Television Networks Industries Or Companies
Television Stations Industries Or Companies
Tennis Balls Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Terminal Operations Industries Or Companies
Textbooks Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Textile Apparel Clothing Industries Or Companies
Textile Apparel Footwear & Accessories Industries Or Companies
Textile Engineering Industries Or Companies
Textile Industrial Industries Or Companies
Textiles Industries Or Companies
Textiles Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Theatres Industries Or Companies
Thermal Engineering Industries Or Companies
Thermograph Of Pest Control Industries
Thermoplastic Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Timber & Paper Mills Industries Or Companies
Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter Industries Or Companies
Tires Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Tobacco Industries Or Companies
Tobacco Products Industries Or Companies
Tobacco Products Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Tools Industries Or Companies
Toothpaste Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Toy & Hobby Stores Industries Or Companies
Toys & Games Industries Or Companies
Toys Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Tractors Industries Or Companies
Trading Industries Or Companies
Trading Stamps Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Training Industries Or Companies
Transformers Industries Or Companies
Transport Engineering Industries Or Companies
Transport Industries Or Companies
Transportation & Storage Industries Or Companies
Transportation & Storage Other Industries Or Companies
Transportation Industries Or Companies
Trash Collection & Waste Management Industries Or Companies
Travel Agents & Methods Industries Or Companies
Travel Industries Or Companies
Travel Recreation & Leisure Industries Or Companies
Trucking Industries Or Companies
Trucks & Other Vehicles Industries Or Companies
Trust Judiciary & Custody Activities Industries Or Companies
Tuna Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Turbo Exp&Ers Industries Or Companies
Tv Industries Or Companies
Tv Production Industries Or Companies
Uhmw Polyethylene Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Unmanned Vehicle Industries Or Companies
Utility Fog Industries Or Companies
Valves & Regulators Industries Or Companies
Vegetables & Fruits Industries Or Companies
Vehicle Engineering Industries Or Companies
Vending Machines Industries Or Companies
Venture Capital Industries Or Companies
Vermiculite Industries Or Companies
Vertical Farming Industries Or Companies
Veterinary Clinics & Methods Industries Or Companies
Video & Teleconferencing Industries Or Companies
Video Conferencing Industries Or Companies
Video Industries Or Companies
Video Production Industries Or Companies
Virtual Reality Industries Or Companies
Vitamins Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Volumetric Display Industries Or Companies
Warehousing & Storage Industries Or Companies
Waste Management & Recycling Industries Or Companies
Watches Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Water Automations Engineering Industries Or Companies
Water Heaters Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Water Industries Or Companies
Water Treatment & Utilities Industries Or Companies
Water Utilities Industries Or Companies
Web Designing Industries Or Companies
Web Development Industries Or Companies
Web Engineering Industries Or Companies
Website Development Industries Or Companies
Website Industries Or Companies
White Goods Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Wholesale & Distribution Industries Or Companies
Wholesale & Distribution Other Industries Or Companies
Wifi Industries Or Companies
Wind Electrical Industries Or Companies
Wind Energy Industries Or Companies
Wine & Liquor Industries Or Companies
Wine & Liquor Stores Industries Or Companies
Wine & Liquor Wholesalers Industries Or Companies
Wine Manufacturing Industries Or Companies
Wire & Cable Industries Or Companies
Wire Bound Boxes Industries Or Companies
Wire Harnesses Industries Or Companies
Wireless & Mobile Industries Or Companies
Wireless Communications Industries Or Companies
Wireless Energy Transfer Industries Or Companies
Yard Trucks Industries Or Companies
Zero Energy Building Industries Or Companies

We can act as a Waterproofing Contractors and Consultants to following contractors:

Air Conditioning Contractors
Asos Removal Contractors
Asphalt Paving Contractors
Bathroom Contractors
BMS Contractors
Boring Contractors
Brickwork Contractors
Building Contractors
Building Services Contractors
Carpentry Contractors
Civil Contractors
Cleaning Contractors
Commercial Corrosion Detection Contractors
Commercial Flooring Contractors
Concrete Contractors
Core Drilling Contractors
Corrosion Detection Contractors
Defense Contractors
Demolition Contractors
Drainage Contractors
Dredging Contractors
Drilling Contractors
Earth Moving Contractors
Electrical Contractors
Engineering Contractors
EPC Contractors
Estate Agents
Excavation Contractors
Exhibition Contractors
Exhibition Stand Contractors
Exterior Corrosion Detection Contractors
Facility Contractors
Fencing Contractors
Fire Fighting Contractors
Flooring Contractors
Foundation Contractors
Framing Contractors
Freelance Contractors
Gardening Contractors
General Contractors
Glazing Contractors
Government Contractors
Hoarding Contractors
Home Renovation Contractors
Homeowner Association
House Building Contractors
House Contractors
House Corrosion Detection Contractors
Housing Association
HVAC Contractors
Independent Contractors
Industrial Contractors
Industrial Corrosion Detection Contractors
Industrial Flooring Contractors
Instrumentation Contractors
Insulation Contractors
Interior Contractors
Interior Corrosion Detection Contractors
Interior Decorator
Interior Fit Out Contractors
Irrigation Contractors
Kitchen Remolding Contractors
Landscaping Contractors
Lighting Contractors
Local Contractors
Maintenance Contractors
Marine Contractors
Masonry Contractors
Mechanical Contractors
Mining Contractors
Mortgage Officer
NRI Property Advisors
NRI Property Agents
NRI Property Brokers
NRI Property Consultant
NRI Property Dealers
NRI Property Valuator
Office Renovation Contractors
Offshore Contractors
Overseas Contractors
Paving Contractors
Performance Contractors
Piling Contractors
Pipeline Contractors
Plastering Contractors
Pool Contractors
POP Contractors
Private Contractors
Project Management Consultant
Proofing Applicator
Proofing Contractors
Property Advisors
Property Agents
Property Consultant
Property Dealers
Property Experts
Property Financial Advisor
Property Firms
Property Manager
Property Vendor
Railway Contractors
Real Estate Agents
Refurbishment Contractors
Remolding Contractors
Renovation Contractors
Replacement Window Contractors
Residential Building Contractors
Restaurant Contractors
Road Contractors
Roofing Contractors
Sandblasting Contractors
Scaffolding Contractors
Security Contractors
Self Employed Contractors
Site Contractors
Sliding Contractors
Solar Plant Contractors
Solar Power Plant Contractors
Sole Agents
Structural Consultant
Structural Engineer
Swimming Pool Contractors
Telecommunication Contractors
Thermal Insulation Contractors
Tiling Contractors
Underground Pipeline Contractors
Utility Contractors
Value Added Contractors
Welding Contractors
Wind Power Plant Contractors

We can act as a Waterproofing Contractors and Consultants to following Engineering Sector:

Acoustical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Amorphous Metals
Applied Engineering
Aquatic and environmental Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Astronautical Engineering
Audio Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Automotive Engineering (automotive systems Engineering)
Automotive systems Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Biological Engineering
Biomaterials Engineering
Biomechanical Engineering
Bio-molecular Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering
Broadcast Engineering
Building Engineering
Building services Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Ceramics Engineering
Chemical Engineering (outline)
Civil Engineering
Civionic Engineering (Civionics)
Climate Engineering (Geo-Engineering)
Combat Engineering
Composite Materials
Computer Engineering
Computer-aided Engineering
Construction Engineering
Control Engineering
Corrosion Engineering
Cost Engineering
Cryptographic Engineering
Crystal Engineering
Domain Engineering
Earth systems Engineering and Management
Earthquake Engineering
Ecological Engineering
Electrical Engineering (outline)
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Materials
Engineering economics
Engineering management
Engineering Physics
Engineering psychology
Engineering Technology
Environmental Engineering
Explosives Engineering
Facilities Engineering
Financial Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering
Food Engineering
Forensic Engineering
Forensic Materials Engineering
Genetic Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Geophysical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Highway Engineering
Human genetic Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Information Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering
Integrated Engineering
Irrigation and Agriculture Engineering
Knowledge Engineering
Land development Engineering
Landscape Engineering (landscape architecture)
Language Engineering
Logistic Engineering
Marine Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metabolic Engineering
Metal Forming
Metallurgical Engineering
Military Engineering
Military Technology Engineering
Mineral Engineering
Mining Engineering
Model-driven Engineering
Molecular Engineering
Nano Engineering
Nano materials
Naval architecture
Network Engineering
Neural Engineering
Neuromorphic Engineering
Offshore Engineering
Optical Engineering
Pavement Engineering
Performance Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Planetary Engineering / Climate Engineering (Geo-Engineering)
Plastics Engineering
Power Systems Engineering
Process Engineering
Product Family Engineering
Protein Engineering
Quality Engineering (quality assurance Engineering)
Railway systems Engineering
Rehabilitation Engineering
Release Engineering
Reliability Engineering
Reservoir Engineering
River Engineering
Safety Engineering
Sanitary Engineering
Security Engineering
Sewage Engineering
Signal Processing
Software Engineering
Sports Engineering
Structural Engineering
Support Engineering
Surface Engineering
Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering (systems design Engineering)
Telecommunications Engineering
Teletraffic Engineering
Textile Engineering
Tissue Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Engineering (transport Engineering)
Urban Engineering (Municipal Engineering)
Usability Engineering
Vacuum Engineering
Value Engineering
Vitreous Materials
Web Engineering

We can act as a Waterproofing Contractors and Consultants at following pin codes:


We can act as a Waterproofing Contractors and Consultants at following locations:

Airoli East
Airoli West
Altamount Road
Ambernath East
Ambernath West
Ambivili East
Ambivili West
Andheri East
Andheri West
Asangaon East
Asangaon West
Atgaon East
Atgaon West
Badlapur East
Badlapur West
Bandra East
Bandra West
Belapur CBD East
Belapur CBD West
Bhandup East
Bhandup West
Bhayander East
Bhayander West
Bhivpuri East
Bhivpuri West
Borivali East
Borivali West
Breach Candy
Byculla East
Byculla West
Charni Road East
Charni Road West
Chembur East
Chembur West
Chinchpokli East
Chinchpokli West
Chunabhatti East
Chunabhatti West
Churchgate East
Churchgate West
Cotton Green East
Cotton Green West
CST East
CST West
Cuffe Parade
Currey Road East
Currey Road West
Dadar East
Dadar West
Dahisar East
Dahisar West
Diva East
Diva West
Dockyard Road East
Dockyard Road West
Dolavi East
Dolavi West
Dombivili East
Dombivili West
Ghansoli East
Ghansoli West
Ghatkopar East
Ghatkopar West
Ghodbunder Road
Goregaon East
Goregaon West
Govandi East
Govandi West
Grant Road East
Grant Road West
GTB Nagar East
GTB Nagar West
Hiranandani Powai
Jogeshwari East
Jogeshwari West
Juinagar East
Juinagar West
Kalwa East
Kalwa West
Kalyan East
Kalyan West
Kandivali East
Kandivali West
Kanjurmarg East
Kanjurmarg West
Karjat East
Karjat West
Kasara East
Kasara West
Kelavali East
Kelavali West
Khadavli East
Khadavli West
Khandeshwar East
Khandeshwar West
Khar Road East
Khar Road West
Khardi East
Khardi West
Kharghar East
Kharghar West
Khopoli East
Khopoli West
Kings Circle East
Kings Circle West
Kopar East
Kopar West
Koparkhairne East
Koparkhairne West
Kurla East
Kurla West
Lower Parel East
Lower Parel West
Lowjee East
Lowjee West
Mahalakshmi East
Mahalakshmi West
Mahim East
Mahim West
Malabar Hills
Malad East
Malad West
Manasarovar East
Manasarovar West
Mankhurd East
Mankhurd West
Mansarovar East
Mansarovar West
Marine Lines East
Marine Lines West
Masjid East
Masjid West
Matunga East
Matunga West
Mira Road East
Mira Road West
Mulund East
Mulund West
Mumbai Central East
Mumbai Central West
Mumbai CST East
Mumbai CST West
Mumbra East
Mumbra West
Nahur East
Nahur West
Naigaon East
Naigaon West
Nallasopara East
Nallasopara West
Napansea Road
Neral East
Neral West
Nerul East
Nerul West
Palasdari East
Palasdari West
Pali Hill
Palm Beach Road
Panvel East
Panvel West
Parel East
Parel West
Peddar Road
Prabhadevi East
Prabhadevi West
Rabale East
Rabale West
Ram Mandir East
Ram Mandir West
Reay Road East
Reay Road West
Sandhurst Road East
Sandhurst Road West
Sanpada East
Sanpada West
Santacruz East
Santacruz West
Seawoods East
Seawoods West
Sewri East
Sewri West
Shahad East
Shahad West
Shelu East
Shelu West
Sion East
Sion West
South Bombay
South Mumbai
Thakurli East
Thakurli West
Thane East
Thane West
Tilaknagar East
Tilaknagar West
Titwala East
Titwala West
Turbhe East
Turbhe West
Ulhasnagar East
Ulhasnagar West
Vangani East
Vangani West
Vasai Road East
Vasai Road West
Vashi East
Vashi West
Vasind East
Vasind West
Vidhyavihar East
Vidhyavihar West
Vikhroli East
Vikhroli West
Vile Parle East
Vile Parle West
Virar East
Virar West
Vithalwadi East
Vithalwadi West
Wadala Rd East
Wadala Rd West

Waterproofing & RERA:

RERA Law Implementing States
State/UT: Date Of Notification
Gujarat: 29 October 2016
Uttar Pradesh: 11 October 2016
Chandigarh: 31 October 2016
Dadra And Nagar Haveli: 31 October 2016
Andaman And Nicobar Islands: 31 October 2016
Lakshadweep: 31 October 2016
Daman And Diu: 31 October 2016
Madhya Pradesh: 22 October 2016
Delhi: 24 November 2016
Maharashtra: 19 April 2017
Andhra Pradesh: 28 March 2017
Odisha: 25 February 2017
Bihar: 1 May 2017
Rajasthan: 1 May 2017
Jharkhand: 18 May 2017
Uttarakhand: 28 April 2017
Tamil Nadu: 22 June 2017
Karnataka: 10 July 2017
Punjab: 8 June 2017
Chhattisgarh: 26 April 2017
Haryana: 28 July 2017
Assam: 6 May 2017
Telangana: 4 August 2017
Himachal Pradesh: 28 September 2017
Goa: 24 November 2017
Tripura: 27 October 2017
Puducherry: 18 July 2017
Kerala: 18 June 2018
Mizoram: 15 March 2019

Impact of RERA on Real Estate Industry
Initial Backlog
Increased Project Cost
Tight Liquidity
Rise In Cost Of Capital
Increase In Project Launch Time

Benefits Of RERA Act
Advance Payment
Applicable On Development Of Property And Not On Renting Of Property
Attract Higher Investments And PE Funding
Balanced Agreements And Treatment
Common And Best Practices
Compulsory Registration
Consolidation Of Sector
Consolidation Of Sector (Due To Mandatory State Registration)
Continual Disclosure by Promoters
Corporate Branding
Covers All Residential And Commercial Projects, Including Shops, Offices And Buildings
Enhance Confidence Of Investors
Establishment Of Authority For Grievance Redressal
Governance And Transparency
Higher Investment
Increase Efficiency
Increase In Organised Funding
Increased Efficiency
Increased Transparency
Minimum Litigation By Adopting Best Practices
Project Efficiency And Robust Project Delivery
Protection Of Buyers
Quality Products And Timely Delivery
Rate Of Interest On Default
Reduces The Risk Of Builder Insolvency/ Bankruptcy
Regulated Environment
Reserve Account
Right Of The Buyer In Case Of Defect After Possession
Right Of The Buyer In Case Of False Promises
Right To Information
Rights Of The Buyer Delay In Possession
Rights Of The Buyer In Case Of Defect In Title
Safety Of Money And Transparency On Utilisation
Significant Buyers Protection
Standardization And Quality
Standardization of Sale Agreement
Standardized Carpet Area
Title Representation
Transparency – Sale Based On Carpet Area

Information Builder Need To Provide Under Rera
Number, Type And Carpet Area Of Apartments
Consent From Affected Allottees For Any Major Addition Or Alteration
Quarterly Updating Of Rera Website With Details Such As Unsold Inventory And Pending Approvals
Project Completion Time Frame
No False Statements Or Commitments In Advertisement
No Arbitrary Cancellation Of Units By Promoter

RERA Compliant
Project Registration
Withdrawal – POC Method
Website Updation/ Disclosures
Carpet Area
Alteration In Project – Approval Of 2/3 Allottees
Project Accounts – Audit
70% Of The Funds Collected From Allottees Needs To Be Deposited In The Project Account Withdrawals To Cover Construction And Land Cost
Withdrawals To Be In Proportion To The Percentage Completion Method
Withdrawal To Be Certified By An Engineer, Architect, And CA
Provision For RERA To Freeze Project Bank Accounts Upon Non-Compliance
Interest On Delay Will Be Same For Customer And Promoter

Rules to Register Projects Under RERA
Authenticated Copy Of All Approvals, Commencement Certificate, Sanctioned Plan, Layout Plan, Specification, Plan Of Development Work, Proposed Facilities, Proforma Allotment Letter, Agreement For Sale And Conveyance Deed To Be Given When
Applying For Project Registration With RERA
Mandatory Registration Of New And Existing Projects With RERA Before Launch
Registration Of Agents/Brokers With RERA
Dispute Resolution Within 6 Months At RERA And RERA Appellate Tribunals
Separate Registration Of Different Phases Of A Single Projects
Developers To Share Details Of Projects Launched In Last 5 Years With Status And Reason For Delay With RERA
Timely Updating Of RERA Website
Maximum 1 Year Extension In Case Of Delay Due To No Fault Of Developer
Annual Audit Of Project Accounts By A CA
Conveyance Deed For Common Area In Favour Of RWA
Construction And Land Title Insurance
Project Completion Time Period

Applicable Penalties Under RERA
Applicable Sections: Offences Committed: Applicable Penalties
Section 9 (7): Registration Secured Through Misrepresentation Or Fraud
Breach Of Terms For Which Registration Obtained: Revocation Of Agent Registration Number
Section 62: Contravention Of Section-9 & Section 10: Penalty Of INR 10,000/-Day During Which The Default Continues Extending Up To 5% Of Cost Of Unit Sold
Section 65: Contravention Of Orders Of RERA Authorities: Penalty Up To 5% Of Cost Of Unit Sold
Section 66: Contravention Of Orders Of Appellate Tribunal: Imprisonment For Up To 1 Year Or With Fine Extend Up To 10% Of Cost Of Unit Sold
For Promoters
Non-Registration: 10% Of The Project’s Estimated Cost
Giving False Information: 5% Of The Project’s Estimated Cost
Violation Of Laws: Up To 3 Years’ Imprisonment Or A Fine Of 10% Of The Estimated Cost Of The Property, Or Both
For Buyers
Non-Compliance With Rera: Daily Penalty Up To 5% Of The Approximate Cost Of The Project
Non-Compliance With The Appellate Tribunal: Imprisonment Up To 1 Year Or 10% Of The Approximate Cost Of The Project, Or Both
For Agents
Non-Registration Of Projects: Rs.10,000 Per Day Up To 5% Of The Approximate Cost Of The Project
Non-Compliance With Rera: Daily Penalty Up To 5% Of The Project’s Estimated Value
Non-Compliance With The Appellate Tribunal: Imprisonment Up To 1 Year Or 10% Of The Project’s Estimated Cost, Or Both

How To Register Projects Under RERA
For Promoters
Prepare A Checklist And Collect All The Documents Required For Registration.
Obtain The Number Of The Bank Account Opened As Per Section 4 (2) (I) (D) The Act.
Complete And Submit Form A. This Is The Application Form For Registration.
Complete And Submit Form B. This Is A Declaration Made By The Promoter In Accordance With Section 4 Of RERA.
Complete And Submit Form G. This Is The Draft Agreement Of Allotment Or Sale Of The Project.
Submit An Affidavit Stating That The Details Entered In Form G Aren’t Contrary To The Rules Set Out By RERA.
Submit An Affidavit Stating That No Booking Amount Has Been Taken From Prospective Buyers And Is In Accordance With Section 3 Of The Act.
Pay The Fees Required For Registration Which Varies From State To State.
Dispatch A Duly-Signed Hard Copy Of All Of These Documents By Registered Post To The Relevant RERA Authority.
Complete And Submit Form C Which Then Lets You Obtain The Registration Certificate.

Documents Required
In Order To Register A Project Under Rera, Keep The Following Documents Ready:
Income Tax Returns Of The Promoter For The Last 3 Years.
Audited Balance Sheet, Profit And Loss Account, And Auditor Report Of The Promoter.
Promoter’s Pan Card And A Copy Of Their Aadhaar Card. If There Is More Than One Promoter, Then Pan Card And Aadhar Card Copies Of All The Promoters Must Be Provided.
Passport Size Photograph Of The Promoter. If The Promoter Is A Firm Or A Company, Then Photos Of All The Members Including The Director And Chairman Need To Be Attached.
The Legal Title Deed And Any Other Relevant Document Which Has Been Authenticated. This Needs To Be Procured From A Revenue Authority Who Is Not Below The Rank Of A Tehsildar.
If The Promoter Is Not The Owner Of The Land On Which The Project Is Being Developed, A Copy Of The Collaboration Agreement Along With The Consent Of The Owner Needs To Be Provided.
The Layout Plan And Sanctioned Plan Of The Project Which Has Been Approved.
These Documents Should Reflect All Legal Rights That The Promoter Has Over The Land. If This Is Not Available, The Promoter Should Provide A Non-Encumbrance Certificate.
A Plan Of All The Facilities To Be Provided. This Includes Drinking Water Facilities, Fire-Fighting Facilities, Usage Of Renewable Energy, And Evacuation Facilities.
All Location Details Regarding The Project. This Should Include Boundaries Of The Proposed Project Down To The Latitude And The Longitude.
An Estimated Invoice With Details Which Include The Sale Agreement And Conveyance Deed Proposed.
The Carpet Area, Number Of Apartments, Open Terrace Area, And Balcony Area, If Any.
Details Of The Number Of Garages For Sale And Open Parking Areas Available.
Names And Addresses Of Real Estate Agents (If Any).
Names And Addresses Of Structural Engineers, Architects, Contractors, And Any Other Person Involved With The Development Of The Project.
Declaration Under Form B. This Declaration States That The Promoter Or Anyone Authorised By The Promoter Cannot Discriminate During Allotment Of The Project.
Any Other Document Required By The State In Which You Are Registering The Project.

Waterproofing & Housing Societies Law:

Appropriation Of Profits
Area Of Operation
Audit Of Accounts Of The Society
Conveyance Of The Property And Repairs To And Maintenance Of The Property
Funds Raising, Their Utilisation And Investment
General Meetings
Incorporation Of Duties And Powers Of The Society
Levy Of Charges Of The Society
Maintenance Of Books Of Account And Registers
Management Of The Affairs Of The Society
Members, Their Rights, Responsibilities And Liabilities
Other Miscellaneous Matters
Redresal Of Complaints
Writing Off Of Outstanding Found Irrecoverable

Model Bye–Laws of Cooperative Housing Society
A certificate of registration fully framed.
All Types of Agreements, with papers connected thereto.
Application for registration of the Society, the copy of the bye-laws and amendments thereto.
Applications for duplicate share certificates.
Applications for Membership.
Applications for nominal / Associate Membership
Applications for transfer of shares and/or interest in the
Applications tor allotment of parking spaces.
Approved plans of construction and correspondence thereon.
Audit memos received from the Statutory Auditors, with rectification reports thereon.
Audit reports received from Internal Auditors, with rectification reports thereon.
Bye Law No 141. Books of Accounts, Registers and other books to be maintained
Bye Law No 142. Other Record to be Maintained Separately
Bye Law No 143. Secretary to maintain and keep upto date the Accounts Books
Bye Law No 144. Limit for cash on Hand limit
Bye Law No 145. Payment beyond certain Limit by Cheques
Bye Law No 146(a) Finalisation of Accounts
Bye Law No 146(b) Filling of Annual Returns
Bye Law No 146. Finalization of Accounts
Bye Law No 147. Security by the Employees
Bye Law No 148(a) Contribution to Statutory Reserve Fund
Bye Law No 148(b) Distribution of remaining profit of the Society
Bye Law No 148. Contribution to the Statutory Reserve Fund of the Society.
Bye Law No 149. Amounts which could be written off:
Bye Law No 150. Procedure to be followed before writing off any Account
Bye Law No 151(a) Appointment of Auditors
Bye Law No 151(b) Responsibility of the Committee to get the Accounts Audited
Bye Law No 151(c) The Remuneration of Auditors
Bye Law No 151(d)
Bye Law No 152. Secretary to produce books, register, records etc. to Internal/Statutory Auditors
Bye Law No 153(a) Preparation of Audit Rectification Report
Bye Law No 153(b) Penalty under section 147 If the Committee of the Society fails to submit Audit
Bye Law No 154(a) Steps to be taken by the Committee
Bye Law No 154(b) Execution of Deed of Conveyance
Bye Law No 154(b) Finalisation of Deed of Conveyance
Bye Law No 154. Conveyance/Deemed Conveyance
Bye Law No 155. Committee’s responsibility to maintain the Society’s Property
Bye Law No 156(a) Inspection of Society’s property for repair
Bye Law No 156(b) the Members of the Society shall allow access for repairs & maintenance
Bye Law No 157(a) Limit for expenses on repairs
Bye Law No 157(b) General Body approval if limit exceeds
Bye Law No 157(c) The meeting of the General Body of the Society shall decide:
Bye Law No 157(d) Appointment of Architect for Redevelopment
Bye Law No 157(e) Appointment of Architect if builder has not appointed one
Bye Law No 157(f) Contractor with Architect
Bye Law No 157(g) Plans and estimates of construction
Bye Law No 157(h) Inviting Tenders for Redevelopment
Bye Law No 157(i) Opening and approval of Tenders
Bye Law No 157(j) Settlement of Disputes
Bye Law No 158. Work on Repairs and Redevelopment
Bye Law No 159(a) Repair and Maintenance at Society’s Costs
Bye Law No 159.
Capital /property of the Society.
Cases of expulsion of Members.
Committee’s annual reports on the working of the Society.
Complaint from Members and correspondence thereof.
Correspondence about Conveyance of the property.
Correspondence about loan received and property of the Society mortgaged.
Correspondence on common electric supply.
Correspondence on Property Taxes including Non-agricultural taxes.
Correspondence with the Co-Operative Registrar.
Counterfoils of bills or carbon copies of bills for the Society’s charges.
Counterfoils of challans for credits of amounts into the bank, arranged in order of dates of credits.
Counterfoils of cheques issued.
Counterfoils of receipts or carbon copies of receipts issued by the Society.
Counterfoils of share certificates.
Letters of resignations of Membership including associate and
Nominal Membership.
Nominations made by Members including revocations thereof.
Notices and Agenda of the Meetings of the Committee and general body of the Society.
Papers pertaining to the election of the Committee.
Periodical statements of Accounts prepared by the Society.
Separate file for correspondence entered into with each Member.
The Audit Rectification Register in ‘O’ form, prescribed under the MCS rules 1961.
The Cash Book
The General Ledger,
The Investment Register.
The List of Members in ‘J’ form prescribed under Rule 33 of the MCS rules
The Minutes Book for the meetings of the Committee of the Society.
The Minutes Book for the meetings of the General Body of the Society.
The Nomination Register.
The Personal Ledger.
The Property register and furniture, fixtures and office equipment.
The Register for Active Members
The Register of Members in “I” form prescribed under Rule 32 of the MCS rules 1961.
The Register of Nominal Members (Tenant occupant)
The Sinking Fund Register.
The Society / Members Loan Register/Mortgage Register.
The Society shall maintain the following books of accounts, records and Registers.
The Structural and Fire Audit Register and Lift Inspection Record
Vouchers, along with the bills relating thereto arranged in order of entries in the cash book and the journal.

Society Laws For Maintenance and Leakages
The committee shall with the approval of General Body, take necessary steps for Conveyance/Deemed Conveyance of the land/building/buildings in favour of the Society.
The Committee shall examine, in consultation with the Advocate of the Society, the Deed of the Conveyance/Deemed Conveyance of the land and the building/buildings thereon and place the same before the Meeting of the General Body of the Society for its approval.
On approval of the Draft Deed by the General Body Meeting of the Society, the Committee shall execute it as per law.
It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to maintain the property of the Society in good condition at all times and to redevelop the Society buildings/property, if necessary, as per Government directives from time to time and as per prevailing laws.
The Secretary of the Society, on receipt of any complaints about the maintenance of the property of the Society from any Members of the Society or on his own motion, shall inspect the property of the Society(if necessary along with technical expert appointed for the purpose), from time to time and make the report to the Committee, stating the need of the repairs, if any, considered necessary. The Committee shall consider the report made by the Secretary of the Society and decide as to which of the repairs should be carried out.
Bye Law No 156(b)
the Members of the Society shall allow access and cooperate in the inspection of the premises for repairs & maintenance
The Committee shall be competent to incur expenditure on the repairs and maintenance of the Society’s property once in a financial year, the onetime expenditure does not exceed :
Upto 25 Members Rs. 25000/-
26 to 50 Members Rs. 50,000/-
51 and above Upto Rs. 1,00,000/-
If one time expenditure on repairs and maintenance of the Society’s property exceeds the limit as mentioned under bye-law No. 157(a) prior sanction of the meeting of the General Body of the Society shall be necessary.
The limit upto which the expenditure on repairs and maintenance of the property of the Society could be incurred by the Committee without calling for tenders for the work. In respect of the work, the cost of which exceeds the limit, so fixed, the Committee shall follow the procedure of inviting tenders, placing them before the General Body Meeting for approval and entering into contract with the Architect (if appointed) and the Contractor.
The appointment of An Architect : In respect of redevelopment of Society buildings the procedure to be followed as per Government Resolutions (as amended from time to time) and provisions in Architect Act 1972.
If no appointment of an Architect is made by the Promoter ,the meeting of the General Body of the Society shall appoint an Architect on such terms and conditions as it deems fit and as per the provisions of Architect Act 1972.
The Committee shall enter into the contract with the Architect, on the basis of the terms and conditions approved at the meeting of the General Body of the Society in that behalf as per the provisions of Architect Act 1972.
The Architect shall prepare the plans and estimate and feasibility report of the construction of the building/buildings in consultation with the committee, which shall place the same before the meeting of the General Body of the Society. The Architect shall submit ,the plans as per the feasibility report of the the of the construction of the building/buildings, approved by the meeting of the General Body of the Society to the Local Authority for sanction as per finally approved tenders.
As per procedure mentioned in redevelopment G.R. dated 03-01-2009 the Committee shall invite tenders in consultation with the Architect appointed by Society.
The Secretary shall open the tenders received by him in the meeting of the Committee, which shall scrutinize them and prepare its report along with the draft of the terms and conditions, in consultation with the Architect of the Society and place the same before the meeting of the General Body for its decision. After the approval of the General Body, the Committee shall then enter into the contract with the Contractor.
The Contract deeds, entered into with the Architect of the Society and the Contractor, shall provide a stipulation for settlement of the disputes arising out of execution of the Contracts shall be referred to sole Arbitrator appointed by the Society.
Subject to the provisions of the bye-law no. 157 , the Committee shall proceed to carry out the construction, repairs and maintenance of the property of the Society and Redevelopment of the Society buildings as per Govt Directives from time to time It shall be the responsibility of the Committee till the completion of the work and to see that the repairs and redevelopment of Society buildings are carried out as per the provisions of the contract executed by the Society.
The following repairs and maintenance of the property of the Society shall be carried out by the Society at its costs:
i. All internal roads
ii. Compound walls
iii. External water pipe lines
iv. Water pumps
v. Water storage tanks
vi. Drainage lines
vii. Septic tanks
viii. Stair cases
ix. Terrace and parapet walls
x. Structural repairs of roofs of all flats
xi. Stair-case lights
xii. Street lights
xiii. External walls of the building/ buildings
xiv. All leakages of water including leakages due to rain water, and leakages due to external common pipe line and drainage line
xv. Electric lines upto main switches in the flats
xvi. Lifts
xvii. The damaged ceiling and plaster thereon in the top floor flats, on account of the leakage of the rain water through the terrace
xviii. Generators
xix. Security Appliances (CCTV, Intercom, Group Mobile, Mass Data Sharing Devices, Siren Bell)
xx. Rain Water Harvesting
xxi. Sewerage, Storm water Water Treatment Plant
xxii. Common areas not specifically allotted ,Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna Bath, Coffee House
xxiii. Common Parking
xxiv. Solar and alternate energy devices
xxv. Garden
xxvi. Community hall
xxvii. Wi-fi setup of the Society
Bye Law No 159(b) Repair at member’s Cost
All the repairs, not covered by the bye-law No. 158(a) shall be carried out by the Members at their cost. The expenditure of the internal leakage due to toilet, sink etc. should be borne by concerned flat holders, with the intimation to the Society.
Bye Law No 160(a) Building Insurance
The Society shall insure its building/s necessarily against risk of natural calamities, fire, flood, earthquake, third party liability and like
Bye Law No 160(b) Emergency Plans
The managing Committee of each and every Housing Society shall chalk out Emergency Planning Scheme, which include below mentioned details in respect of the Society and the surrounding area. (1) Probability of danger and analysis thereof. (2) Evaluation of risk in pursuance disaster management. (3) Response Machinery eg. Police/Fire Brigade/Municipal council etc.(4) Important Telephone Numbers.
i. Emergency Telephone Numbers of each and every Member.
ii. Telephone Numbers of the officers of the Government Machinery concerned with the emergency management. The management committee shall hold discussion with all the Members in the General Body Meeting over the plan prepared as aforesaid and shall inform about the same to the Members. The plan such prepared shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the Society, and the same shall be made up-to-date from time to time as per the requirement.
iii. As per the Child Labour Act 1986,it is prohibited to employ child labours for house hold and other works. As per the provisions of the said Act, if any person/Member is found to have employed child labour for household work and other work then a punishment of imprisonment of one year and a fine up to Rs. 20,000/- or both can be awarded to him. The managing committee of the Society shall display the said legal provision on the notice board and shall create awareness in the minds ofall the Members for eradication of the said evil, child labour practice.
a. The office bearers of the Society shall insure that no Member of the Society/person /contractors has employed child labour and shall make arrangement of informing the Labour Commissioner Office that the Society is totally free from child labour practice.
b. If any Member/ person /contractors is found to have employed child labour, the managing committee shall inform immediately to the office of the Labour Commissioner or the nearest Police station or the concerned voluntary organizations and shall inform to that effect in writing to the office of Labour Commissioner.
iv. The managing committee of the Society shall take necessary precaution to see that no injustice is done to any widow in the cooperative housing Society after the death of a Member before transferring the flat in her name. In such cases Society shall verify the nomination form duly submitted by the deceased Member or succession certificate /heirship certificate obtained from Civil Court under the Indian Succession Act 1925 or Will of the deceased Member duly probated by the Civil Court through the executor of the will. After verifying and taking legal guidance Society then only can take appropriate action within the time limit to avoid the further legal complications. This procedure can be followed in all the cases after the death of a Society Member.
Bye Law No 161.
No Member of the Society shall destroy, deface or cut down any trees in the compound of the Society. Any action, any contravention of the above provision may render the Member concerned liable for action.
The Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society Bye-Laws
Act (MCS Act) of 1960.
Area of Operation
Bye-Laws: Bye Laws of the Society
Chief Promoter
Common Areas and Facilities
Housing Society Federation
Incorporation of Duties
Key Features of the Act
Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act of 1960
Member Rights and Responsibilities
Parking Space
Resolution of Complaints
Society Management
Working Capital

Waterproofing – Rights & Duties of residents / tentants in societies:

Rights Of Residents In An Apartment Society

A resident has the right to acquire the share certificate.
A resident has the right to attend and vote at general body meeting.
A resident has the right to attend the general assembly meeting and discuss the subjects.
A resident has the right to complain at the registrar in case of an improper functioning of a society.
A resident has the right to contest election.
A resident has the right to get a copy of the co-operative society act and the bye-law.
A resident has the right to get attended or addressed about his complaints and grievances.
A resident has the right to get reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss A/c, details of income and expenditure of the society.
A resident has the right to get the list of members and managing committee.
A resident has the right to get the minutes of meeting.
A resident has the right to inspect documents, books and records with prior notice to the management committee.
A resident has the right to know about the affairs of the society.
A resident has the right to participate in all activities of the society.
A resident has the right to seek information from the society.
A resident has the right to take decision about the penalty to be charged on members, violating by-laws of the society and to determine its amount.
A resident has the right to take decision on the rate of contribution regarding the maintenance fee, maintenance and repair fund and sinking fund etc.
A resident has the right to the occupation of flats.
A resident has the right to transfer/inherit the property.
A resident has the right to undivided interest of the common areas.
A resident has the right to use the common area as needed.
A resident should not be discriminated between the members.
A resident should not be imposed with unlawful restrictions.
All apartment owners are termed as members of society or association and all tenants who are staying in the apartment on a rented basis are termed as associate members.
Every apartment owner is obliged to be a member of the apartment association which is formed for the welfare of the people.
Every apartment owner will be bound by the bye-laws.
If it is a joint ownership, the first person named in the title document will be the member.
Residents of apartment are either apartment owners or tenants.

Duties Of Residents In An Apartment Society

A resident has to follow the regulations created in the general body meeting or managing committee meeting.
A resident has to follow the rules of the association and obey the bye-law.
A resident has to provide the necessary information and documents to the registrar or to the society.
A resident should ensure that they maintain cleanliness in the common areas.
A resident should maintain good relationship with their society members.
A resident should respect their neighbours and their privacy.

Rights Of The Tenants In Society

The tenant has the right to use common areas and notify the landlord about any issues.
The tenant should be aware about the rules of having pets in an apartment.
The tenant should follow the guidelines for inviting guests and use the common areas.
The tenant should respect their neighbour’s privacy and follow the apartment bye-laws.
The tenant will not be discriminated between the members of the association and themselves.
The tenants are the associate members of the apartment association.
The tenants have no right to vote or in an association decision making.
The tenants have the right to attend the association meeting on behalf of the landlord, if authorised by the owner of the flat in writing and agreed by the managing committee
The tenants have the right to get a copy of bye-law and rules of association.
The tenants have the right to get apartment staff help like plumber, electrician, carpenter, pest control
The tenants have the right to get parking badge or sticker on the vehicle.
The tenants have the right to get proper receipt for the deposit, rent and maintenance paid.
The tenants have the right to get the leasehold/tenancy agreement.
The tenants have the right to hire a domestic help.
The tenants have the right to invite the guests and use the common area or amenities.
The tenants will not have any unlawful restrictions on them.

Duties Of The Tenants in a Society

A tenant has to maintain the common areas clean.
A tenant should avoid having big parties or loud get-togethers
A tenant should ensure that they pay rent and maintenance fees on time.
A tenant should follow the rules and regulations created by the association.
A tenant should have apartment dumpster etiquette.
A tenant should interact with the managing committee or the apartment owner concerning the monthly charges.
A tenant should regularly pay the maintenance charges in order to use the common are facilities.
Tenants are responsible for the actions of their guests.
The tenants are the members of the association and are bound by the bye-laws.

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Bharat Infrastructure and Engineering Limited
Bharat Mahan Developers & Builders
Bharat Realty
Bhardwaj Builders
Bhatia Builders And Developer P Ltd
Bhattad Group
Bhavani Associates
Bhavani Builders And Developers
Bhavani Construction
Bhavani Enterprises
Bhikhi Developers
Bholenath Developer
Bholenath Developers Ltd
Bholenath Developers Ltd.
Bhoomi Creating Values
Bhoomi Group
Bhoomi Reality
Bhoomi Realtors
Bhumiyug Realty Builder & Developers
Bhutra Dvelopers
Blue Baron Group
Blue Key Realty
Bombay Construction
Bombay Constructions Engineering Company Pvt Ltd
Bombay Real Estate Development Company
Bombay Realty
BP Gangar Constructions Pvt Ltd
Bredco Devlopers
Bridgeview Real Estate Development LLP
Broad View Properties
bSafal Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
Buddha Developers
Buddha Enterprises
Buildarch Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Buildtech Group
Bunch Berry Developers
Burj Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
C H Patil And Sons
Calvin Properties
Casa Avalon
CB Enterprises
CCI Projects
CCI Projects Pvt Ltd
Ceear Realty
Chaitanya Developers
Chaitanya Group
Chamunda Developers
Chamunda Groups
Chandak Group
Chandiwala Enterprises
Chandiwala Group
Charisma Builders
Charms Builders
Charms Group
Chaubey Realties
Chaubey Realties Pvt Ltd.
Chaurang Developers
Chethan Builders and Developers
Chetna Global
Chheda Group
Chintamani Construction Co.
Chintamani Group
Chintamani Projects
Choice Group Of Companies
CISS & Kushwah Infrasturcture
City Group
Cityline Builders
CJ Group
CJYM Buildcon LLP
Concept Realty
Concrete Builders
Concrete Developers
Conwood Realty Pvt Ltd
Cosmic Structure
Cosmos Group
CRD Group
Creek Crest Developer
Crescent Group
Crescent Group Builders & Developers
Crystal Builders & Developers
Crystal Group
Crystal Homecon
Crystal Real Homes Pvt Ltd
D B Realty
D Con Builders
D Kapoor Land Developers
D R Developers
D S Developers
D.V. Group
Dalal Buildcon
Damji Shamji Shah Group
Dange Group Of Companies
Darshan Developers
Darsshan Properties
Darvesh Group
Darvesh Group Of Companies
Dattani Groups Of Companies
Davakhar Infrastructure Private Limited
Db Group Builders
DB Realty
DB Realty Limited
DBR Constructions
Dedhia Group
Deekay Developers
Deep Associates
Deep Jyoti Infra
Deep Laxmi Developers
Deepali Developer
Deepali Group
Dejin Hillview Estates Pvt Ltd
Delta Realty
Deshmukh Enterprises
Dev Land & Housing Pvt. Ltd.
Dev Land Housing
Devendra Ghai Developer
Devtaa Developers
Devtaru Homes LLp
DGS Group
Dhanista Group
Dhanlaxmi Group
Dhanlaxmi Group of Companies
Dhanshree Developers Pvt. Ltd
Dharma Construction
Dharmanandan Enterprises
Dharmashree Builders
Dharti Group
Dhaval Developers
Dheeraj Realty
DHMP Infrastructure
Dhoot Group
Dhoot Group and Space Group
Dimple Realtors Pvt ltd
Dimples Group
Dimples Realtors Pvt Ltd
Dimples Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Dipraj Group
Dipti Builders Universal Builders
Dipti Group
Disha Construction
Divij Developers
Divine Enterprises
Divyaraj Developers
DK Associate
DK Group Of Constructions
DLH Developers
Dolphin Developers
Dolphin Group
Dosti Group Builders
Dosti Reality
Dove Buildmart Pvt. Ltd.
Down Town Associates
DP Build Homes
Dream Arihant Infrastructure Co.
Drushti Group
DSK Developers
DSS Group
Dudhwala Group
Dudhwala Group Builders
DVK Real Estate Private Limited
Dwarika Real Infra LLP
Dynamix Vacation Resorts Pvt Ltd.
Earth Builders And Developers Pvt Ltd.
Earth Graphics
Earth Group
Ecohomes Constructions Pvt Ltd
Ecostar Qualcon Properties
Eiffel Developers and Realtors Limited
Ekdanta Constructions Pvt Ltd
Ekdanta Realtors
Ekta Developers
Ekta Group
Ekta World
Ekta World & Supreme Universal
Elco Builders
Elegant Constructions
Elite Constructions
Elite Developers
Emgee Group
Emkayen Group
Empire Groups
Estelle Estates & Infrastructure Private Limited
ETCO Realty
Everest Group
Evergreen Developers
Evershine Builder
Evershine Builders
Evershine Builders P Ltd
Evershine Developers
Excellent Realtor Developers
Fair Group Co.
Falco Developers
Fine Developments
Five Star
Flintstone Group
Force Universal
Forefront Group
Fortune Constructions
Fortune Group Mumbai
Friends Associates
Friends Constructions
Funsign Housing Pvt. Ltd.
Future Build Realtors
Future Homes Builders
G Corp
G Corp Builders/G Corp Group
G D Realtors Pvt Ltd
G L Rahejas Conglomerate
G P Consultant and Developers
Gadkari Builders And Associates
Gagangiri Development Corp
Gajra Developers Ltd
Gajra Group Builders
Gajraj Builders And Developers
Gala Group
Ganesha Developers Mumbai
Gangar Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Garnet Construction Ltd
Garnet Constructions
Garodia Group
Gauri Group
Gauri Group Of Companies
Gayatri Infrastructure LTD
Gayatri Realities
GBK Group
GeeCee Ventures
Geeta Developers
Gemstar Constructions
Geopreneur Group
Geopreneur Spire Realty
Gerarie Enterprises And Developers Pvt. Ltd.
GHP Corporation
GHP Group
Giriraj Builders & Developers
Girnar Builders & Developers
Gitanjali Group
Globe Group
Godrej Properties
Godrej Properties Limited
Gokul Builders and Developers
Gokul Group
Gold CHS
Gold Crest Realty
Gold Plaza Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Golden Green Infraspaces NVR
Goldstar Group
Goodbuild Developers
Goodbuild India Pvt. Ltd.
Goodwill Developers
Gopal Krishna Developers
Goyal Properties And Builders
GP Consultant and Developers
GPRS Realty
Grace Group Of Companies
Green Leaf Realty
Green Shine Builders & Developers
Greenfield Developers
Group Seven
Grow Homes
GRS Shelters Pvt Ltd.
Gujarat Enterprise & AG Supersturtures
Gujrat Group
Gundecha Builders
Gundecha Developers
Gundecha Group
Gupta Builders & Developers
Gupta Developers
Gupta Housing Private Limited
Guptari Group
Guru Prabhu Builders & Developers
Gurukrupa Enterprise
Gurukrupa Enterprise Builders
Gurukrupa Group
Gyandev Builders & Developers
H. K. Pujara Builders
Habitant Developers Pvt Ltd
Happy Home
Happy Home Corporation
Happy Home Group Dombivli
Happy Home Projects
Happy Home Residency
Hari Krishna Enterprise
Hari Om Developers
Harish Real Estate & Property Consultant
Haritara Group Of Company
Harmony Lifestyle Group
Harsh Construction
Harsh Developers
Harsh Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
Harshal Enterprises
Harshil Builders
Haware Builders
Haware Builders & Engineers
Haware Engineers & Builders Pvt Ltd
Haware Engineers & Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Haware Engineers & Builders Pvt.Ltd.
Haware Engineers And Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Haware Properties
HCBS Developer
HDG Builders
Hdil Builders
HDIL Developer
HDIL Group
Heena Builders
Hemali Investments & Finance Pvt. Ltd.
Hemant Parikh & Associates Pvt Ltd
Heritage Group
Heritage Group Thane
Heritage Lifestyles
Hetali Constructions
Hillview Ventures
Hilton Developers Pvt Ltd
Himali Construction
Himanshu Developers
Himanshu Group
Hindustan Klockner Switchgear Ltd.
Hiranandani Builders
Hiranandani Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Hirani Developers
Hirani Group
Hirapara Developers
Hiren Wahen Group
Hitesh Group
Home Creators
Horizon Promoters India Ltd
Housing Development & Infrastructure Limited
Housing Development And Infrastructure Limited
HPA Spaces
HPA Spaces Pvt Ltd
Hubtown Limited
Icon Builders & Developers
Icon Developers & Promoters
InCity Group
Indiabulls Real Estate Limited
Indiabulls Real Estate Limited.
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd
Indian Eco Parks
Indiapride Infraspaces
Indo Asian Build Con Pvt.Ltd
Indra Darshan Developer
Indus Colonisers
Indus Colonisers Pvt. Ltd
Infini Developers
Infinity Builders
Infinity Construction Co.
Innovative Buildcon
Innovative Buildcon Builders
Integrated Spaces Limited
International Trading & Manufacturing Company
Inventure Sejal Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Ipsit Projects
Ira Buildcon
Ishaan Developers
Isle Apartment
J P Group
J.K. Developers
Jade Properties
Jai Durga Builders
Jai Malhar Builders and Developer
Jaideep Constructions
Jasani Realty
Jasmina Constructions Pvt. Ltd
Jasmine Realty
Jay Ambe Developers
Jayashree Builders & Contractors Pvt Ltd
Jaycee Homes
Jaycee Homes Limited
Jaycee Homes Ltd
Jaydeep Group
JC Builders and Developers
JD Housing LLP
Je & Vee Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Jeevan Enterprises
Jet Build Developers
Jet Realty
Jinay Group
Jivdani Builders And Developers
Joy Builders and Developers
Joy Developers
JP Corp Developers Pvt Ltd.
JP Developers
JP Infra
JP Infra Limited
JP Infra Mumbai Pvt. Ltd.
JP Infra Pvt Ltd
JP Venture
JRV Construction Co
JSB Group
Jupiter Infrastructure Bangalore Pvt. Ltd
JV Construction
JVM Spaces
Jyoti Construction Builders & Developers
Jyoti Home Makers Pvt. Ltd.
K B Group
K Bhatia Constructions
K Hemani
K Hemani Group
K M Developers
K M Enterprises
K Mehta & Co.
K Mordani Realty
K Mordani Realty Pvt Ltd
K Raheja Construction
K Raheja Group
K Raheja Universal
K T Group
K.K. Krishnan Constructions Company Pvt. Ltd.
K.K. Ramni And Associates
Kaamdhenu Builders
Kabra Group
Kakad Realty
Kakad Realty Pvt Ltd.
Kalindi Developers
Kalp group
Kalpataru Constructions
Kalpataru Limited
Kalpataru Ltd.
Kalpataru Properties Thane Pvt ltd
Kalpatharu Developers
Kamal Joshi
Kamala Group
Kamanwala Industries
Kamla Group
Kamla Landmarc
Kamla Landmarc Group
Kanakia Constructions
Kanakia Developers
Kanakia Group
Kanakia Space Pvt. Ltd
Kanakia Spaces
Kanakia Spaces Builders
Kanakia Spaces Pvt. Ltd.
Kanakia Spaces Realty Pvt. Ltd
Kankeshwara Buildcon Pvt Ltd.
Kanungo Group
Kanungo Group of Companies
Kapcon Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
Kapil Constructions
Karmvir Avant Group
Karmvir Avant Group Builders
Karmvir Group
Karmvir group and Raghvendra constructions
Karmvir Mumbai Housing
Karrm Infrastructure
Karwa Developers
Kashi Homes Pvt. Ltd.
Kashish Park
Kasturi Group Builders & Developers
Kaul Builder And Developer
Kaustubh Construction Pvt. Ltd.
Kaustubh Constructions
Kavya Buildcon Builders
Kavya Buildcon Pvt Ltd
Kavya Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.
Kavya KCD Buildcon LLP
KBP Corporation
Keemaya and MLH
Keemaya Build Pvt Ltd
Kesar Group
Kesar Housing & Development Co.
Keshav Builders
Khandelwal Group
Khandelwal Groupe
Khandwani Group
Khatri Constructions
Khemchand Kothari Group
Khoker Synergy Developers
Khushi Associates
KIA Groups
Kings Builders
Kings Builders and Developers
Kinjal Group
Kinjal Properties
Kiran Builders
KK Developers
KM Enterprises
Kohinoor City-Residential Phase II
Kohinoor CTNL Infrastructure Co Pvt Ltd
Kohinoor Group
Kohinoor Group Builders
Kolte Patil Developers Ltd
Konark Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Konark Nirman Pvt. Ltd.
Kotak Builders
Kothari Builders and Developers
Kothari Developer and Developers
Kothari Group
Kpatel Realty
Krishna Buildcon Corporation
Krishna Builders & Developers
Krishna Group
Krishna Sagar Builders Limited
Krisshna Construction
KSA And Associates
KSA Developers
Kshitija Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
KSL And Industries Ltd
Kuber Group
Kukreja construction
Kukreja Construction Company
Kukreja Developers
Kum Kum Enterprises
Kumar Properties
Kumar Urban
Kumar Urban Development Limited
Kumar Urban Development Ltd Builders
Kursija Corp
Kush Buildcon
KVC Developers
KVM Group
L & T Realty and Omkar Realtors & Developers
L and T
L and T Crescent Bay
L and T Realty
L And T Realty Builders
L Nagpal Developers
L&T Constructions
L&T Realty
L&T Realty Limited
L&T Realty Ltd.
La Homes
Laabh Group
Labdhi Developers
Labdhi Lifestyle Limited
Labh Associates
Lak & Hanware Realty
Lakhani Builders Private Limited
Lakhani Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Lakhanis Builders & Developers
Lalani Builders And Developers
Lalani Group
Lalit Dharmani
Lalit Dharmani Project
Lalit Dharmani Projects
Landmark Developers
Landscape India
Landscape Venture
Lashkaria Construction Company Private Limited
Lashkaria Constructions
Lashkaria Group
Lavasa Corporation Limited
Laxmanbhai Construction
Laxmi Developer
Laxmi Group
Laxmi Housing
Laxmi Housing Builders & Developers
Laxmi Kamal Associates
Laxsons Group
Legend Siroya
Legend Siroya Realtors
Leo Builder & Developer
Liberty Realestate Pvt.Ltd
Life Spaces Realty Pvt Ltd.
LIS India Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.
LK Infrastructure
Lodha Builders And Developers
Lodha Groups
Lok Housing And Construction Limited
Lok Housing and Constructions Ltd.
Lokhandwala Builders
Lokhandwala Group
Lokhandwala Infrastructure
Lote Constructions
Lotus Group
Lotus Group Of Companies
Lotus Lakshminarayan Homes
Lucky Homes
LXMI Infra
M K Enterprises
M R Realtors
M.N.R. Developers
M.S. New India Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
M.S.Mody Builders and Developers
M4 Realty
Maa Group
Maad Realtors & infra Ltd
MAAD Realtors and Infra Ltd
Maan group
Magnum Cylinders Pvt. Ltd.
Mahajan Empire
Mahalaxmi Construction
Mahalaxmi Group of Companies
Mahanagar Projects Pvt Ltd
Maharaja Developer
Mahavir Construction
Mahavir Constructions & Developers
Mahindra Lifespace Developers
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited
Maitree Construction
Makwana Builders
Malati Enterprises Builders & Developers
Mallhar Realtors Pvt Ltd.
Mamtora Associates
Mamtora Enterprise
Man Infra Projects Ltd
Man Infraconstruction
Man Infraconstruction Limited
Man Infraconstruction Ltd.
Man Realty
Manas Developer
Manas Developers
Mandar Group
Mandar Housing
Mandar Housing Pvt. Ltd.
Mangal Morya Developers
Mangeshi Construction
Mangeshi Construction Mumbai
Manglam Group
Manish Developers
Manoj Enterprises
Manthan Group
Mapkhan Group Of Companies
Maplle Group
Maratha Realty Ventures Pvt. Ltd
Marathe Group
Marathon Group
Marathon Realty Pvt Ltd.
Maredian Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Maruti Developers
Maruti Enterprises
Marvels Group Builders And Developers
Mateshwari Group
Matoshree Infrastructure Mumbai
Matoshree Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Matoshree Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
Mauli Krupa Developers
Mauli Sai
Mauli Sai Developers
Mauli Sai Developers Private Limited
Mavji Estate Developers
Mayfair Housing
Mayfair Housing Pvt Ltd
MB Group
MCA Constructions
MD Globus Realty Pvt. Ltd.
MDM Realty
Meena Builders and Developers
Meera Enterprises
Meera Realtors
Meethi Developers
Mega Developers
Mega Realtors Mumbai
Mehta Developers
Mehta Developers Mumbai
Mehta Enterprises
Mehta Group
Meridian Homes Mumbai
Metro Group
Metro Group India
Metro Mumbai Infradeveloper Pvt Ltd
Metro Mumbai Infradeveloper Pvt. Ltd.
Mhatre Realtors
Midas Buildcon
Midas Group
Mihikaa Enterprise
Milan Group
Milind Developers
Millennium Group
Millionaire Group Of Companies
Mirador Construction Pvt Ltd.
Mishal Construction
Miyas Group Of Construction
MK Builders & Developers
MK Builders Pvt Ltd
MK Realtors
Modi Spaces
Modis Navnirman Builders & Developers
Mohak Group
Mohan Group
Mohid Group
Mohini Sheltors Pvt Ltd
Monarch Universal
Moongipa Development
Moongipa World
Moraj Group
Moraj Infratech Pvt Ltd
Morphosis and Neumec
Morya Realtors
Morya Realty
MS Developers Mumbai
Mukta Developers
Muktistar Construction
Muktistar Developers
Mukul Developers
Mumbai Shelters
Mutha Construction
Mutha Group
Mutha Group Developers
Mx Infra Ltd.
My Home Constructions
N.Rose Developers
Nahalchand Laloochand
Nahar Builders
Nahar Builders And Developers Ltd.
Nahar Projects
Naheed Enterprises
Nakhwa & Jasol Developers LLP
Nandadeep Homes Pvt Ltd
Nandivardhan Group
Narang Civilisation
Natasha Developers
Nathani Parekh Constructions Private Limited
Nathdwara Developers
National Properties
Natu Paranjape
Natu Paranjpe
Natureplus Realty and Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Navdhan Developers
Navghare Constructions
Navkar Developers
Navkar Estate & Homes Pvt. Ltd
Navkar Grooup
Navkar Group
Navkar Groups Private Limited
Navkar Infra Projects
Navkar Lifespaces Pvt. Ltd.
Nayan Builders
Nayan Infrastructure
ND Developers
Neelam Group
Neelam Realtors
Neelam Realtors Pvt Ltd
Neelam Realtors Pvt Ltd.
Neelam Realtors Pvt. Ltd
Neelanchal Build Tech and Resorts Pvt Ltd.
Neelkant Lifespaces
Neelkanth Group
Neelkanth Infracon
Neelyog Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Neev Infrastructure Builders
Neev Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Neev Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Nehal Dhara Realtors
Neminath Group
Neo Builders Limited.
Neptune Group
Nest Developers
Nestor Constructions
Neumec Developer
Neumec Group
Neumec Group Builders
New India Construction Company
NIA Builder
Nidhaan Buildcon Pvt Ltd
Nidhaan Group
Nidhi Associates
Nidhi Developers – Tiwala
Nikhil Builders
Nine Globe Industries Builders
Nine Realcon & Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Nine Realcon Infra Pvt Ltd
Niraj Kakad Constructions
Nirmal Builders
Nirmal Group
Nirmal Life Style
Nirmal Lifestyle
Nirmal Lifestyle Ltd.
Nirman Constructions
Nirman Group of Companies
Nirman Realtors & Developers Ltd
Nirman Shelters Pvt Ltd
Nirvaana Construction Co.
Nirvana Developers Mumbai
Nisar Group
Nisarg Associates
Nisarg Developer
Nobles Group
NSG Enterprises
Oberoi Devolopers
Oberoi Reality
Oberoi Realty
Oberoi Realty Builders
Oberoi Realty Limited
Oberoi Realty Ltd.
Ocean Group
Odin Enterprise
Olympeo Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Om Builders & Developers
Om Builders Mumbai
Om Construction
Om Construction Co
OM Developers
Om Group
Om Infra & Developers
Om Realtor
Om Sai Charan Builders
Om Sai Construction
Om Sai Construction Builders and Developers
Om Sai Constructions.
Om Sai Developers
Om Sai Group
Om Sai Infrastructure
Omkar and Royal Realtors
Omkar Builders & Developers Mumbai
Omkar Developer
Omkar Developers
Omkar Enterprises Builders
Omkar Krupa Builders and Developers
Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt Ltd
Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Omkar Realtors and Developers
Omkar Realtors Builders
One Earth
Options Developers
Orbit Corporation Ltd
Orion Group
Ornate Universal
Ortec Developers
Ostwal Builders
Ostwal Builders Ltd
Oswal Realty
Our Town
Oyster Living
Ozone Group
Ozone Homes Pvt Ltd
Padma Realtech
Padmavati Developers
Palan Developer
Palm Realties
Panchseel Group
Panom Developers
Panvelkar Group
Panvelkar Group Ambernath
Panvelkar Groups
Paradigm Developers
Paradigm Realty
Paranjape Schemes Construction Ltd.
Paras Realty
Parasmani Developer
Parasnath Builders
Parekh Developers
Parekh Infra Projects
Parikh Enterprise
Parikh Group
Parinee Developers
Parinee Realty Pvt Ltd
Parivar Group
Park View Developers
Parmeshwari Associates
Parth Constructions
Patel Enterprises
Patel Group
Patel RPL Group
Patel RPL Realty
Patil And Associates
Patil Associates Builders And Developers
Patil Builders
Pawan Enterprises
Peninsula Land Ltd
PGD Group
PIL Developers Pvt Ltd
Pinaki Projects
Pioneer Group
Piramal Realty
Platinum Constructions
Platinum Corp
Platinum Group
Platinum Realtors
Platinum Realty Mumbai
PNK Builder
PNK Construction
PNK Group
Poddar Developers Limited
Poddar Developers Ltd
Poddar Infracon Pvt. Ltd.
Poddar Matushree Group
Pooja Developers
Poonam Developers
Poonam Est
Poonam Estate
Poonam Infra
PR Developers
Prabhat Developers
Pragati Builders
Pragati Enterprises
Prakash Estates
Praman Developers
Pranav Constructions
Pranav Constructions Mumbai
Prarthana Builders LLP
Prarthana Group
Prarthana Group of Companies
Prasad Enterprises
Prashanti Land Developers Private Limited
Pratham Infra
Prathamesh Developers
Prathvi Builders & Developers 1
Pratik Group Of Companies
Precious Group
Prem Group
Premier Builders
Prerana Housing & Developers
Prescon Realtors
Pride Housing
Pride Rashi Group
Prima Terra Buildtech
Prime Group
Prime Rose Developer
Prince Developers
PrinceCare Realty
Prithvi Group
Priyanka Regency Builders And Developers
Provenance Land
Proviso Builders and Developers
Proviso Group
Proviso Group Builders
Puranik Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Purav Constructions
Purva Enterprises
Pushkar Gruh Nirman Llp
Pushpam Group
Qualcon Space Ventures
Qualitas Lifespaces LLP
Qureshi Builders
R A M Agri Infra India Pvt Ltd
R A Realty Ventures LLP
R D Builders
R K Group
R S Builders Developers
Rachna Enterprises
Radhe Krishna Builders
Radheya Construction Co.
Radhika Shelters
Radius Developer
Radius Group
Raheja Builder
Raheja Builders
Raheja Developer
Raheja Developers
Raheja Group
Raheja Universal
Raheja Universal Ltd
Raheja Universal Pvt Ltd.
Rai Residency Pvt Ltd
Rai Residency Pvt Ltd.
RAJ Buildcon
Raj Chamunda Builders And Developers
Raj Corp
Raj Corporation
Raj Developers
Raj Group
Raj Group Builders
Raj Housing Mumbai
Raj Maitri and Eskon
Raj Maitri Corporation
Raj Maitry & Eskon Developers
Raj Realty
Raj Realty Builders
Raj Realty Ltd
Raj Riddhi Realties
Raj Shree Nirman Builders Pvt Ltd.
Raj Spaces Ltd
Raja Builders
Rajesh Builders
Rajesh LifeSpaces
Rajhans Group
Rajlaxmi Developers
Rajmata Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Rajshree Builders
Rajyog Enterprises
Rakhumai Developers
Ram Agri Infra (India) Pvt Ltd
Ramdev Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Rameshwaram Group
Rapid Construction
Rashi Developers
Rashmi Group
Rashmi Housing
Rashmi Housing Pvt Ltd
Rashmi Realty Builder Pvt Ltd
Rassaz Group
Rattan Group
Raunak Group
Ravechi Group
Ravi Group
Ravi Group Builders
Raviraj Construction Co
Raviraj Realty
Rawal Group
RC Group
RE Infra
Realty One Group
Realty Pros
Red Brick Developers
Regency Group
Regency Group Builders
Regent Constructions
Regent Group
Rehab Group
Reliable Builders
Reliable Group
Reliable Homemakers
Reliance Enterprise Builder & Developer
Reliance Enterprises Builders
Rensar Infra Pvt Ltd
Rhythm Realty
Richa Realtors
Riddhi Siddhi Developers
RIEL Builder And Developer
Right Channel Constructions Pvt Ltd
Right Channel Constructions Pvt Ltd.
Rishabh Group
Rishiraj Developers Pvt Ltd
Rite Developers Private Limited
Ritej Associates
Ritu Developer
Ritu Group
Ritu Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Rizvi Builders
RJ Enterprises
RK Construction
RNA Builder
RNA Builders NG
RNA Corp
RNA Corp.
RNA Group
RNA NG Builders
Rocky Group
Rodium Realty Limited
Roha Builders
Roha Erector Private Limited
Roha Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Rohan Developers
Rohan Lifescapes
Rohan Lifescapes Group
Rohan Promoters Builders & Developers
Romell Group
Romell Group of Companies
Roop Rajat Builders
Royal Builders And Developers
Royal Homes Construction Co
Royal Projects Group
Royal Realtors Group
Royal Realtors Group of Companies
Royce Developers
RR Landcon Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Rubberwala Housing & Infrastructure Ltd
Ruby Structures Pvt Ltd
Rukmini Associate
Runwal Group
Runwal Group Builders
Runwal Realtors
Ruparel Group
Ruparel Group Builders
Ruparel Realty
Rupji Construction
Rupji Constructions
Rushabh Developers
Rushabh Sambhav Group
Rushabh Sambhav Group Builders
Rushi Construction
Rushi Group
Rustamjee Group
Rustomjee Builders
Rustomjee Developers
Rutu Group
RV Group
Ryyan Developers and H R Constructions
S D Bhalerao Constructions
S D Bhalerao Constructions Pvt Ltd
S D Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
S K Constructions
S N Enterprise
S P Construction
S R Developer
S Raheja Realty
S S Reality
S. A. Singh Builders & Developers
S. K. Enterprises
Saaga Infra
Saaga Infra Projects
Saaga Infra Projects (P) Ltd
Saaga Infra Projects Builders
Saanvi Landmarks Pvt Ltd
Sabari Group
Sabari Group Builders
Sach Ishaan Developers
Sadbhavana Enterprises
Sadguna Realty
Sadguru Group
Sadguru Group Builders & Devlopers
Sadguru Group Housing & Infrastructure
Sadhana Builders
Sadhana Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Safal Group
Sagar Builders
Sagar Developers
Sahajanand Developers
Sahajanand Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Sahakar Group
Sahana Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd
Sahara Prime City Limited
Sahayog Construction
Sahil Associates
Sahjanand Group
Sahyadri Developers
Sai Balaji Developers
Sai Buildcon
Sai Crystal Developers
Sai Crystal Homes
Sai Enterprises
Sai Ganesh Enterprises
Sai Group
Sai Hari
Sai Krupa Developers
Sai Leela Developers
Sai Prem Developers
Sai Sakshi Developers
Sai Sastha Builders and Developers
Sai Satyam Group
Sai Shelter Corporation
Sai Siddhi Builders And Developers
Sai Siddhi Developers
Sai Swastik Home Maker Builders
Sai Universal Realtors & Developers Pvt Ltd
Sainath Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Sairaj Construction
Sairama Real Estate
Saket Group
Salangpur Group
Salasar Estate Developers LLP
Salasar Life Spaces
Samarth Development Corporation
Samarth Erectors And Developers
Samarth Krupa Developers
Samarth Shrusti Reality
Sambhav Group
Samcon Builders
Samrudhi Associates Builders And Developers
San Group
Sanaya Realties Pvt Ltd
Sandeep Sarovar Developers
Sandu Developers
Sangam Lifespaces
Sangavi Group of Companies
Sanghvi Builders & Developers
Sanghvi Developer
Sanghvi Group
Sanghvi Group Of Companies
Sanghvi Land Developers Pvt Ltd
Sanghvi Realty
Sanghvi S3 Group
Sangle Developer
Sankalp Lifespace
Sanmit Infra Ltd.
Saptarshi Group
Sarah Group Of Companies
Sarah Housing Development Pvt. Ltd.
Sarang Group
Saraswati Group
Sarvaria & Brothers
Sarvopari Sahara Developers
Satellite Developers Limited
Satellite Group
Satra Group
Satra Properties
Satra Properties (India) Ltd.
Satyam Developers
Satyam Group
Satyam Group Builders
Satyam Infracon Pvt. Ltd.
Satyam Realty
Satyashraya Developers
Sayla Realty Group
SB Brothers
SB Lifespaces Pvt Ltd
SCGK Builtech Pvt Ltd.
SD Corp
SD Corporation
Seema Developers
Serene Lifespaces
Serenity Groups
Seth Builders
Seth Developer
Sethia Group
Sethia Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
Sethia Infrastruture
Seva Group
Seven Eleven Group
Seven Hills Buildcon
SG Group Developer & Builders
Shagun Developers
Shagun Realty
Shah Group Builders
Shakti Developers
Shalibhadra Builders
Shalibhadra Realty Group
Shamik Enterprises Builders
Shamik Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
Shaniya Group
Shankeshwar Properties
Shankheshwar Group of Companies
Shantee Constructions
Shantee Homes
Shantee Realty And Life Space
Shanti Developers
Shanti Ratna Group
Shantistar Builder
Shapooji Pallonji Real Estate
Shapoorji Pallonji and Co Limited
Shapoorji Pallonji and Co Ltd
Shapoorji Pallonji Group of Companies
Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate
Sharapova pvt Ltd
Shashwat Group
Sheetal Builders and Developers
Shelter Builders
Sheltrex Developers Pvt Ltd.
Sheltrex Housing Pvt Ltd
Sheth Builders Pvt Ltd
Sheth Creators
Sheth Creators Private Limited
Sheth Developers
Sheth Developers and Emami Realty
Sheth Developers Ltd
Sheth Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Sheth Group
Sheth Vasant Group
Shilpriya Builders And Developers
Shining Sun Constructions
Shiv Mangal Developers
Shiv Samruddhi Developers
Shiv Shakti Group
Shiv Tej Builders
Shiv Yog Developers
Shivalay Group
Shivalik Ventures
Shivam Group
Shivam Megastructures Pvt Ltd.
Shivam Parivar Group
Shivkrupa Gruhpravesh LLP
Shivoham Group
Shivraj Developers
Shivshakti Developers
Shlok Enterprises
Shraddha Landmark
Shradha Developers
Shree Adiraj Laxmi Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Shree Aditi Developers
Shree Ananta Developers
Shree Atharva Developers
Shree Balaji
Shree Balaji Builders & Developers
Shree Balaji Builders And Developers
Shree Balaji Construction
Shree Balaji Developers
Shree Balaji Realties
Shree Builder
Shree Datta Developers
Shree Ganesh Builders & Developers
Shree Ganesh Builders Mumbai
Shree Ganesh Developers
Shree Ganesh Lifespaces LLP
Shree Gokulesh Enterprise
Shree Group
Shree Group Of Companies Builders
Shree Hari Group
Shree Housing Co.
Shree Jivdani Samarpan Developers
Shree Krishna Group
Shree Krishna Sai Development Corporation
Shree Krupa Builders & Developers
Shree Laxmi Sahara Builders & Developers
Shree Mahalaxmi Constructions
Shree Mahavir Patwa
Shree Mahavir Patwa Developers
Shree Mangal Projects
Shree Naman Group
Shree Naman Group Builders
Shree Nilkanth Group
Shree Niwas Basa
Shree Ostwal Builders Ltd.
Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd
Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd.
Shree Riddhi Siddhi
Shree Riddhi Siddhi Developers
Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group
Shree Riddhi Siddhi Real Ventures Pvt Ltd
Shree Sadguru Developers
Shree Sai
Shree Sai Builders & Developers
Shree Sai Datta Developers
Shree Sai Group Of Companies
Shree Sai Realtors
Shree Sai Samarth Construction
Shree Saikrupa Developers
Shree Samarth Developers
Shree Sawan Builders
Shree Shakti Developers
Shree Shakun Realty Pvt. Ltd
Shree Shashwat Global City
Shree Siddhi Construction
Shree Siddhivinayak
Shree Swami Samarth Associates
Shree Swami Samarth Developers
Shree Vallabh Group
Shree Vastudeep Developers
Shree Vasturachana Developers
Shreedham Constructions
Shreedham Group
Shreeji Associates Builders & Developers
Shreeji construction
Shreeji Group
Shreeji Group Mumbai
Shreenath Build Grand Pvt Ltd
Shreenath Builders
Shreenath Enterprises
Shreenath Group
Shreenathji Developers
Shreenathji Group
Shreepati Group
Shri Aadinath Realty
Shri Hari Developers
Shri Nakoda Enterprises
Shri Omkar Constructions
Shri Sai Balaji Developers
Shri Sati Builders And Developers Private Limited
Shrikrishna Devcon Limited
Shrikrishna Developers
Shripat Constructions
Shrutika Builders & Developers
Shubh Ashish Builders
Shubh Developers
Shubh Enterprises
Shubh Group
Shubh Realty Builders
Shubham Developers Mumbai
Shubham Enterprise
Shubham Group
Shubham Group.
Shubham Properties
Shubhjivan Private Ltd
Shudhanshu Infrastructures Pvt Ltd.
Shyam Sagar Developers
Siddha Group
Siddhant Properties
Siddharth Builders
Siddharth Builders And Developers
Siddheshwar Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Siddhi Construction Mumbai
Siddhi Developers
Siddhi Group
Siddhi Homes
Siddhitech Homes
Siddhitech Homes Pvt Ltd
Siddhivinayak Builders and Developers
Siddhivinayak Built Home Specialities Builders
Siddhivinayak Constructions
Siddhivinayak Developers
Siddhivinayak Developers Mumbai
Siddhivinayak Group of Companies
Siddhivinayak Homes Mumbai
Sidhivinayak Constructions
Signature Group
Silver Crest Developers Pvt Ltd
Silver Developers
Silverleaf Realty
Singh Enterprises
Siroya Builders
Siroya FM Constructions Pvt Ltd.
Siv Realty Private Limited
SK Heights Pvt. Ltd, Builders& Developers
SKD Realty
Skyline Group
SLN Constructions
SM Developers
SMGK Group
Snow Group
Soft Corner India
Soham Real Estate
Solaris Developers
Solitaire Constructions
Solitaire Group
Solitaire Realty
Soman Group
Someshwar Builders And Developers
Sonadevi Developers
Sonal Dev Con
Sonal Dev Con Builders
Sonam Builders
Soni Builders And Developers
Soni Life Spaces & Infra Pvt Ltd
Sonishkaa Properteez Pvt Ltd
Sopariwala Group
Soundlines Realty
SP Construction
SP Developer
Space Construction
Space India Builders
Space India Builders & Developers
Space India Builders And Developers
Space Realty
Span Group
Spark Developers
Spark Group
Spenta Corp. Pvt. Ltd.
Spenta Corporation
Spenta Group
SPM Group
Square Group
Squarefeet Group
SR Developers
Sri Buildcon
Sri Group Of Companies
Sri Sai Constructions
Srishti Construction
Srishti Group
SRK Real Heights Pvt. Ltd.
Ssakash Developers & Builders Pvt Ltd
SSD Realty
Stalwart Impex Pvt Ltd
Star Builders & Developers
Star Builders And Developers
Starwing Developers Pvt Ltd
Strawberry Construction
Strawberry Constructions Private Limited
Suburban Sellers Realty Pvt. Ltd.
Sugandhi & Colours Group
Sugandhi Builders And Developers
Sugee Group
Sumathinath Builders
Sumatinath Builders
Sumer Builders
Sumer Developers
Sumit Builder and Developer
Sumit Developer
Sumit Woods Pvt ltd.
Sun Builders & Developers Navi Mumbai
Sun Group
Sun Vision
Sundervan Group
Sunita Developers
Sunny Buildtech
Sunshine Infrawell Pvt. Ltd.
Sunteck Group
Sunteck Group Builders
Sunteck Realty Limited
Supari Wala
Supreme Builders & Developers
Supreme Construction Co.
Supreme Construction One
Supreme Infrastructure India Limited
Supreme Universal Builders
Suraj Estate
Suraj Estate Developers
Surana Ambiances
Surya Group
Surya Group Of Companies
Susharda Edifice
Suvidha Builders & Developer
Suvidha Group
Suvidha Realcon Pvt. Ltd.
Suyog Development Corporation Ltd
Swaraj Builders
Swaraj Builders and Developers
Swaroop Group
Swaroop Group Builders
Swastik Construction Co
Swastik Developers
Swastik Enterprises
Swastik Group
Tala Bhai Patel Builders
Tanishq Properties
Tanna Associates
Tanna Housing
Tanna Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Tanvi Constructions
Tanvi Group
TATA Housing Development
TATA Housing Development Co Ltd
Tattva Mittal
TBP Groups
Tech park Construction
Teenmurty Summit Realty LLP
Tejas Builders Mumbai
Tejas Infra Tech
Temple Rose Real Estate Pvt Ltd
Tetris Realty Group
Thakkar Builders & Developers
Thakkar Group
Thakur Group
Thakur Group Of Companies
Thanekar Group
Tharwani Infrastructures
Tharwani Realty
The Baya Company
The Dudhawala Group
The Kothari Group
The Makwana Buikders And Developers
The Makwana Group
The Man Group
The Rachanaa Group
The Rohan Lifescapes Group
The Runwal Group
The Safal Group
The Shreeji Group
The Wadhwa
The Wadhwa Group
The Wadia Group
Tirupati Balaji
Tirupati Balaji Group
Tirupati Constructions
Tista Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Titanium Builders
Titanium Group
Today Global Group
Trambak Parekh Associates
Trans India Group
Transcon Developers
Tricity Ltd
Trident Ozone LLP
Tridev Construction Company
Tridev Realty And Construction Pvt Ltd
Tridhaatu Builders
Tridhaatu Realty & Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Tridhaatu Realty and Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Tridhaatu Ventures
Trinity Land Developers
Trinity World
Triveni Developers
Triveni Developers Mumbai
Triveni Group
Triveni Infrastructures
Tropicana Group of Companies
Trust Buildcon
Tulip Group
Tulsi Constructions
Tulsi Estates
Tulsi Realty
Tulsi Unison
Tycoons Group
Udaan Builders
Ufasa Builders And Developers Pvt. Ltd.
UK Realty
Unimont Realty
Unique Builders
Unique Enterprises
Unique Shanti
Unique Shanti Developers
Unique Shanti Developers Pvt Ltd Builders
Unique Shanti Developers Pvt Ltd.
Unitech Limited
Unity Land Consultancy
Universal Group
Universal Group Builders
Usha Developers
USR Group
V Raheja
V. Raheja
V3 Partners
Vaastu Builders and Developers
Vaibhav Lakshmi Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Vaibhav Laxmi Builders
Vaibhav Laxmi Developers
Vaibhav Realtors
Vaibhavlaxmi Builders & Developers
Vaishnavi Buildcon
Vaishnavi Developers Thane
Value And Budget Housing Corporation
Vama Lifestyles
Varasiddhi Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Vardhaman Developers
Vardhaman Group
Vardhaman Infrastructure
Vardhan Group
Vardhman Group
Varsha Enterprises
Varun Developers
Vas infrastructure Ltd
Vasai 1 Realty
Vasani Infra Projects
Vastav Developers & Builders
Vastu Developer
Vastu Shilp Developers
Vastusankalp Developers
Vasudev Builders
Vasudev Group Developer
Vasudha Builders Ltd
VB Group
Ved Infratech
Vedant Group of Property
Vedant Realtors
Veena Developers
Venkatesh Construction
Ventures Real Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Venus Housing Enterprise
Verain Commercials LLP
Versatile Housing & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Versatile Infradevelopers Private Limited
Vibrant Realty And Infrastructure Ltd
Victory Greenhouse Pvt. Ltd
Vighnaharta Developers
Vihang Group
Vijay Associates( Wadhwa Developers)
Vijay Developers
Vijay Group
Vijay Group and Suraksha Realty
Vijay Group Builders
Vijay Khetan Group
Vijaylaxmi Group Of Industries
Vikas Constructions
Vikas Group
Vikrant Estate
Vinay Unique Developers
Vinay Unique Group
Vinayak Associate
Vinayak Group of Company
Vira Theatres Private Limited
Virat Group
Vishesh Arrangement Pvt Ltd.
Vishrathi Sabari
Vishrut Constructions
Vishwa Green
Vishwa Green Realtors Builders
Vision Developers
Vision Group
Vision Land
Viva Group
VIVA Mahalaxmi Group
VMC House
Volition Investments Pvt. Ltd.
Vora Skyline
Vraj Group
VRS Lyzonn
VVA Vision Realtors
VVA Vision Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Wadhwa & Sons
Wadhwa Group
Wallace Group
Wellingdon Groups
Wellwisher Group
West Pioneer Properties(I) Pvt Ltd
Windsor Realty Private Limited
Winspace Realty
Wonder Homes Builders
XRBIA Developers
Y.H. Associates
Y.S. Patil Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Yash Constructions
Yash Developers
Yash Group Of Companies
Yash Infomedia & Estate Private Limited
Yash Raj Developers
Yash Realtors
Yashaswi Builders
Yashwant Constructions
Yogam Enterprises
Yogsiddhi Developers
YS Patil Builders And Developers
Yug Developers
Yushan Realty Ventures
Yushan Realty Ventures Builders
Zaminshakti Infracon Pvt. Ltd.
Zanira Property Private Limited
Zeus Housing & Construction Ltd
Zill Developers
Zorba Group

Waterproofing & Real Estate Terminology:

“Openings” Include Doors & Windows
3D Floor Plan
72-Hour Clause
999-Year Lease
99-Year Lease
Abstract Of Title
AC Power Plugs And Sockets
Acceleration Clause
Access, Sliding Glass Doors, Tambour
Acre – A Measure Of Land Area
Action To Quiet Title
Activity Based Working
Ad Valorem Tax
Additional CPF Housing Grant
Add-On Factor
Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (Arm)
Adjusted Basis
Adobe, Brick And Brickwork, Glass Brick, Terra Cotta
Advanced Technology & Engineering Services (ATES)
Adverse Possession
Affordable Housing
Agency – Real Estate Agency/ Buyer Brokerage
Agent – Real Estate Agent Or Broker/ Estate Agent
Air Entraining Admixtures
Air Rights
Allodial Title
Allodial/ Allodium
American Measurement Standard
Amortization (Business)
Amortization Calculator
Amortization Schedule
AMP Technologies
Anchor Store
Annual Percentage Rate
Appraisal Real Estate
Appraised Value
Appurtenant Easement
Architect Of Record
Architectural Woodwork
Armada Group
Arm’s Length Transaction
Article 4 Of The United States Constitution
Artificial Person
Artificial Stone
Asking Price
Asphalt Batch Plant And Pavement Construction Inspection
Asphalt Pavement Evaluation And Testing
Assessed Value
Assessor’s Parcel Number
Asset (Economics)
Assignment (Law)
Assignment Of Contract
Association Law
Association Of Real Estate License Law Officials (Arello)
Assumable Loan
Assumable Mortgage
Assumption Of Mortgage
Atactic Polypropylene (APP)
Automated Valuation Model
Balloon Mortgage
Balustrade Testing
Bargain-And-Sale Deed
Bhoodan Movement
Bilateral Contract
Bill Of Sale
Bituminous Coating
Bituminous Membrane
Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing
Blanket Loan/ Blanket Mortgage
Boiler Insurance
Bona Fide Purchaser
Bond Lease
Book Value
Bookland (Law)
Borough/ Block And Lot
Boundary (Real Estate)
Bpo Standards And Guidelines
Breach Of Contract
Brick Bet waterproofing
Bridge Loan

BrokerageBroker’s Price Opinion (Bpo)BudgetBuildingBuilding CodeBuilding EnvelopeBuilding EstimatorBuilding InsulationBuilding SafetyBuilding SuperintendentBuilt-Up AreaBundle Of RightsBurgageBurlington CompanyButylBuyer Agency AgreementBuyer AgentBuyer BrokerBuyer BrokerageBuyer’s AgentBuying AgentCadastral CommunityCadastral SurveyingCadastreCanadian Real Estate Association (Crea)Cap Rate/ Capitalization RateCapital AppreciationCapital GainCarbonation And Corrosion Of ConcreteCarroll OrganizationCase-Building ProductsCasement, Double Hung, Bay WindowCash FlowCash-Over-ValuationCattle StationCaveat EmptorCCIMCE MarkingCement RenderCementitious WaterproofingCementitious Waterproofing MethodCeramic Tile, Quarry Tile, Pavers, MosaicCertificate Of OccupancyChain – Sequence Of Linked House PurchasesChain – Unit Of MeasurementChain (Real Estate)Chain Free PropertyChain Of TitleChair Rail, Baseboard, Casing, SillChambre De BonneChattelChattel MortgageChemical AdmixturesChemical Admixtures In ConcreteChemical Analysis Of CementChemical Testing Of Coarse And Fine Aggregates For ConcreteChemical Testing Of Construction AdmixturesCheonseChloride And Sulphate Content Of ConcreteChlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CPSE)Cinder Block Or Concrete BlockCircuit BreakerCity BlockCivil ActionClauseClientClosingClosing (Real Estate)Closing CostsClosing StatementCMC GroupCold Rolled Steel FramingCollateralColor Of TitleCommercial PropertyComminglingCommissionCommitmentCommon AreaCommon Area Maintenance ChargesCommon Lawcommonfloor.comCommon-Interest DevelopmentCommunal LandCommunity Land TrustCommunity PlanningCommunity PropertyCommunity-Based PlanningComparablesCompensatory Damages/Expectation DamagesCompetitionComplete Laboratory Testing Of Soil, Concrete, Asphalt And Other Construction MaterialsCompositesComprehensive Planning For Community DevelopmentCompressed Earth Block, Mud Brick, Rammed EarthConcreteConcrete Batch Plant InspectionConcrete Durability (Course & Lab Work)Concrete Mixture DesignConcrete QAQC Consultancy ServicesConcrete Research ServicesConcrete Strength Testing, Concrete Mix Designs, And In-Place Strength InvestigationsConcrete TestingCondemnationCondition Monitoring Services (CMS)Conditional LimitationConditional SaleCondominiumCondopConfiscationConformal CoatingConformance TestingConformityConservation Land TrustConsiderationConstruction Material TestingConstruction Materials TestingConstructive EvictionConsumerContingency/ ContingenciesContingent InterestContinuing Education RequirementContour MapContractContract For DeedContract Of SaleContributionConventional MortgageConversion – Process Of Changing A Building To CondominiumConversion – Removal Of Personal Property Or Building FixturesConveyConveyor SystemsCooling-Off PeriodCo-OpCooperating BrokerCooperative ApartmentCo-OwnershipCopolymer Alloy (CPA)CopyholdCore Extraction And Compressive TestCorporate Real EstateCorporationCorporeal PropertyCorrective MaintenanceCorrosion Mapping Of RC StructuresCost ApproachCost BasisCost Segregation StudyCouncil HousingCounterofferCounty SurveyorCourtesy TenureCovenantCovenant Against EncumbrancesCovenant For Further AssurancesCovenant Of Quiet EnjoymentCovenant Of Right To ConveyCovenant Of SeisinCovenant Of WarrantyCovenantsCoving (Urban Planning)CreaCreative FinancingCreative Real Estate InvestingCreditCredit Tenant LeaseCreditorCreep Of ConcreteCrown LandCrystalline Technology For Concrete WaterproofingCul-De-SacCurtain Wall And Waterproofing Inspection And TestingCurtain Wall TestingCurtainwall, Skylight, DormerCustomerDamages For Breach Of ContractDamp (Structural)Daniel NeiditchDatumDays On MarketDead End (Street)DebitDebt Service Coverage RatioDecedentDeclaration Of CondominiumDeclaration Of RestrictionDecorative AllowanceDecorative MetalDecreeDeductible ExpenseDeedDeed In Bargain And SaleDeed In Lieu Of ForeclosureDeed In TrustDeed Of GiftDeed Of TrustDeed RestrictionDeeds RegistrationDefaultDefeasance ClauseDefeasible EstateDefeasible FeeDeficiencyDeficiency JudgmentDelivery And AcceptanceDemiseDepartment Of Housing And Urban Development (Hud)Depreciable AssetDepreciated ValueDepreciationDescentDesignated Agency Designated AgentDestructive And Non-Destructive Concrete TestingDestructive Test On Hardened ConcreteDeviseDeviseeDisabilityDiscount BrokerageDiscount PointsDiscounted Cash FlowDisintermediationDisplaced SalesDockominiumDocumentary StampDocumentary Stamp TaxDomaniaDominant EstateDominant PortionDominion Land SurveyDoor HardwareDoorsDouble ClosingDouble EscrowDowerDropped Ceiling, Coffered CeilingDrying ShrinkageDual Agent/ Dual AgencyDue-On-Sale ClauseDuressDynamic Wind Loading And Uplift TestingEarnest MoneyEarnest PaymentEarthquake InsuranceEarthworkEasementEasement AppurtenantEasement By CondemnationEasement By ImplicationEasement By NecessityEasement By PrescriptionEasement In GrossEcoaEcobrokerEconomic DepressionEconomic RentEffective DemandEffective Gross IncomeEffective Interest RateEgressEgress WindowEjectmentEjidoElastomeric Sheeting MaterialsElectrical ConnectorElectrical Systems And EquipmentElectrical WiringElevator Or “Lift”EmblementsEminent DomainEmphyteutic LeaseEnabling ActEncroachmentEncumbranceEndorsementEnforceableEngineered Wood, Dimensional LumberEnglish BasementEnhanced Use LeaseEnvironmental Protection AgencyEpichlorohydrine (ECH)Epoxy and Polyurethane coatingEpoxy ResinsE-Pro (Certification)Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Ecoa)Equitable TitleEquityEquity Of RedemptionEquity StrippingEscalatorEscape ClauseEscheatEscrowEscrow AccountEscrow AgentEscrow InstructionsEscrow PaymentEstateEstate (Land)Estate AgentEstate For YearsEstate LiquidationEstate ManagerEstate MapEstate TaxEstoppelEstoppel CertificateEtas For EWI SystemsEthylene Interpolymer (EIP)Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)EvaluationEvaluation And Various Tests On Concrete IngredientsEvictionEWI Test Specification For Park HomesExchanging ContractsExclusive AgencyExclusive Buyer AgentExclusive Right To SellExecuted ContractExecutionExecutive HomeExecutorExecutory ContractExecutrixExemptExercise Of OptionExpectation DamagesExpress ContractExtended CoverageExterior & Interior PaintingExterior Insulation And Finish Systems (EIFS)Extraterrestrial Real EstateFailure AnalysisFair Market ValueFamily FarmFannie MaeFarm Land (Real Estate Niche)Federal Reserve SystemFee SimpleFee Simple AbsoluteFee Simple DeterminableFee Simple Subject To Condition SubsequentFeudal System As Applicable To Real EstateFhaFha-Insured LoanField CardField Inspection And Quality Control Of Masonry ConstructionFilm FormersFilm Forming MembraneFinancial Institutions ReformFincaFinish CarpentryFire InsuranceFire Suppression EquipmentFireproofing TestingFirreaFirst MortgageFixed-Rate MortgageFixer-UpperFixtureFlat-Fee MlsFlip TaxFlippingFlood Hazard AreaFlood InsuranceFloor Area (Building)Flooring – Wide Plank, Terrazzo, CarpetFly-AshFolding Doors, Garage Door, StorefrontFor Sale By OwnerForeclosureForeclosure InvestmentForeclosure StrippingForm-Based CodeFoundation Construction Observations / InspectionsFour UnitiesFraudFreddie MacFreeholdFreehold EstateFresh And Hardened Concrete TestingFrontageFrost Resistance TestingFsboFunctional ObsolescenceFurnishingsFuture InterestGarden Real EstateGated CommunityGeneral ContractorGeneral PlanGeneral Warranty DeedGentrificationGinnie MaeGlass Fibre Wrapping TechnologyGlued Laminated TimberGnmaGolf PropertyGood Faith EstimateGovernment National Mortgage AssociationGraduate Real Estate Programs Outside The United StatesGraduated Payment MortgageGramdanGrantGrant Bargain And Sale DeedGrant DeedGranteeGrantorGRC & FRC TestingGreen (Certification)Green BeltGross LeaseGross Rent MultiplierGround LeaseGround RentGuaranteed RentalGuidance For BIS / QCI Audit For ‘Process Certification Of RMC Plants’Habendum ClauseHabitabilityHabitableHard MoneyHard Money LendersHard Money LoanHardened Weight Density, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength (Beam Test, Split Cylinder Test)Hazard InsuranceHealthcare Real EstateHeavy Timbers, Log Home, Timber FramingHedonic RegressionHeirsHereditamentHeterogeneousHigh Range Water ReducersHigh-Density ConcreteHighest And Best UseHigh-Performance ConcreteHoldout (Real Estate)Holographic WillHome AfrikaHome Construction LoanHome EquityHome Equity Line Of Credit (Heloc)Home Equity LoanHome Equity ProtectionHome InspectionHome RuleHome StagingHome WarrantyHome-Equity DebtHomeowners Association (Hoa)Homeowner’s InsuranceHomeowner’s PolicyHomesteadHomestead ExemptionHomogeneousHotPads.comHousewrapHousing Affordability IndexHousing And Urban Development (Hud)Housing AssociationHousing BubbleHousing CooperativeHousing EstateHousing TenureHousing.comHudHud-1 Settlement StatementHVAC (Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning)Hygrothermal Performance TestingHypaionHypothecationIbcIllusory OfferIlsaIlsfdaImmobility – Immovable Real EstateImmovable PropertyImplied ContractImplied WarrantyImproved LandImprovementsIncome Approach For AppraisalIncome PropertyIncome ShelterIncompetentIncorporeal PropertyIndemnificationIndiaproperty.comInfrastructure Lifecycle ManagementIngressInheritance TaxInjunctionInspectionInspection Of Concrete Placement And Concrete CuringInstallment Land ContractInstallment NoteInstallment SaleInstrumentInsurabilityInsurable InterestInterestInterest RateInternational Building Code (Ibc)International Real EstateInternet Data ExchangeInternet Data Exchange (Idx)Internet Listing DisplayIntestateIntestate SuccessionInvalidInvesting In Real EstateInvestmentInvestment Rating For Real EstateInvestment ValueInvestors United (School Of Real Estate Investing)Involuntary AlienationIrrevocableIsobutyltrialkoxysilaneJ.F. Shea CoJacketingJeonseJoint And Several LiabilityJoint TenancyJoint VentureJudgmentJudgment LienJudicial ForeclosureJunior MortgageJurisdictionKen Baxter (Businessman)Key MoneyKuleana RightsLachesLandLand AdministrationLand AgentLand BankLand ContractLand DescriptionLand GrantLand LeaseLand LotLand MonopolyLand RegistrationLand TenureLand TerrierLand TrustLand Trust AllianceLanded NobilityLanded PropertyLandlockedLandlocked ParcelLandlordLand-Sale OverageLatifundiumLaw Of AgencyLawfulLeaseLease AdministrationLease And ReleaseLease OptionLease Purchase ContractLeasebackLeaseholdLeasehold EstateLegal CapacityLegal DescriptionLegal EntityLegal Interest RateLegal PersonalityLenders Mortgage InsuranceLesseeLessorLetting AgentLeverageLevyLicenseeLienLien HolderLieneeLienorLife EstateLife Tenant – Owner Of A Life EstateLightweight Structural ConcreteLike-Kind Property ExchangeLimeLimited Liability Company (Llc)Limited PartnershipLine TreeLiquid Waterproofing MembraneLiquidated DamagesLiquidation ValueLiquidityLis PendensListing ContractLitigationLittoral RightsLlcLmiLoan NoteLoan Origination FeeLoan-To-Value Ratio (Ltv)LocationLoss MitigationLotLot And Block Survey SystemLtvLube Oil Analysis ServicesMaakan.comMagicbricks.comMarbleMarital Life EstateMark Stock (American Football)MarketMarket AnalysisMarket ValueMarketable TitleMasonry, Mortar (Masonry), GroutMaster Plan For Community DevelopmentMasters Of Real Estate DevelopmentMaterial FactMaterialman’s LienMechanic’s LienMeeting Of MindsMenaceMergerMetal FabricationsMetal Joist, Decking, Framing, TrussesMetalsMetes And BoundsMezzanine CapitalMezzanine FloorsMgicMicrofine MaterialMillMillage TaxMillwork, Bookcase, CabinetsMineral AdmixturesMineral LeaseMineral RightsMinisterial ActMinorMipMisrepresentationMissing Middle HousingMix Optimization For RMC PlantsMlsModulus Of Elasticity, Modulus Of RuptureMoisture ProtectionMonotenureMortar, Grout, Block And Brick TestingMortgageMortgage Account Error CorrectionMortgage AssumptionMortgage BankMortgage BrokerMortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (Mgic)Mortgage InsuranceMortgage Insurance Premium (Mip)Mortgage LoanMortgagee – BorrowerMortgagor – LenderMove (Company)Multiple Listing Service (Mls)Mutual AgreementMutual AssentMutual MistakeMutual Savings BankNaeaNano Technology in Waterproofing Building MaterialsNarNarebNational Association Of Estate Agents (Naea)National Association Of Real Estate Brokers (Nareb)National Association Of Realtors (Nar)National Environmental Policy Act (Nepa)National Flood Insurance ProgramNegative AmortizationNegligenceNeopreneNeoprene (CR)NepaNet IncomeNet LeaseNet Operating IncomeNiche Real EstateNitrile Alloys (TPA)NNN LeaseN-OctyltrialkoxysilaneNoise Vibration Engineering Services (NVES)Nonconforming UseNondestructive Examination (NDE)Non-Destructive Test On Hardened ConcreteNon-Extractive Economic ValueNonrecourse DebtNotary PublicNoteNotice Of Lis PendensNovationNoxer BlockNull And 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Erection And Fastener InspectionSteel Framing SystemsSteeringStigmatized PropertyStile And Rail, Raised Panel, Wood CladStone Dry Stacked Or Mortar SetStraight–Line DepreciationStrata ManagementStrata TitleStraw OwnerStrict ForeclosureStructural & Building EnvelopeStructural & Integrity TestingStructural And Building EnvelopeStructural Insulated Panels (Sips)Structural MasonryStructural SteelStructural Steel: I-Beam & ColumnStuccoStud, Joist, RafterStudio ApartmentStuRents.comStyle ObsolescenceStyrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS)Sub-AgentSubdivisionSubdivision (Land)Subdivision Lot Block And TractSubject-ToSubleaseSubletSubordinationSubordination AgreementSuper PlasticizersSupplementary Cementitious MaterialSupplementary Cementitious Material, Lime, Gypsum Plaster, Microfine MaterialSupply And DemandSurface FinishingSurfacingSurvivorshipSwanepoel Power 200Sweat EquitySwitchesTackingTax AssessmentTax BasisTax CreditTax SaleTax ShelterTax-Deductible ExpenseTax-Deferred ExchangeTelecommunications EquipmentTenancy By The EntiretyTenancy In CommonTenantTenementsTest On Concrete Ingredients (Course & Lab Work)Test On Fresh And Hardened Concrete (Course & Lab Work)Testate – Opposite Of IntestateTestatorTestatrixTexture Paint and Designer Decorative coatThe RegistryTheory Of ValueThermal ProtectionThermoplastic & Thermo Set MembranesThermoplastic Olefin (TPO)TilaTimeshareTitleTitle InsuranceTitle OpinionTitle SearchTorrens TitleTownshipTractTrainingTransfer DeedTreated Lumber & Wood DeckingTrespasserTrim, MoldingTripolymer Alloy (TPA)Trophy PropertyTruliaTrustTrust DeedTrusteeTrustorTTK ServicesUccUljkUltrasonic Pulse Velocity (With DPC Probes)Undergraduate Real Estate ProgramsUnderimprovementUnderwritingUndisclosed PrincipalUndivided InterestUndue InfluenceUnearned IncrementUnencumbered PropertyUnenforceable ContractUniform Commercial Code (Ucc)Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice (Uspap)Uniform Vendor And Purchaser Risk Act 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We can act as a Waterproofing Consultant to following cooperative housing societies / buildings / civil structures:

1 Bhk Flat1 Bhk Flat- 1 Bedroom/Hall/Kitchen Flat1 Bhk Flat Property1 Bhk Property2 Bhk- 2 Bedrooms/ Hall/ Kitchen2 Bhk Flat2 Bhk Flat- 2 Bedroom/Hall/Kitchen Flat2 Bhk Flat Properties2 Bhk Properties3 Bhk- 3 Bedrooms/ Hall/ Kitchen3 Bhk Flat3 Bhk Flat- 3 Bedroom/Hall/Kitchen Flat3 Bhk Flat Properties3 Bhk Properties4 Bhk- 4 Bedrooms/ Hall/ Kitchen4 Bhk Flat4 Bhk Flat- 4 Bedroom/Hall/Kitchen Flat4 Bhk Flat Properties4 Bhk Properties5 Bhk Flat5 Star Hotels7 Star HotelsAc RoofsAirportsAll Types Of TilesAluminumAmusement ParksApartmentApartment FlatApartmentsAround J HooksArtificial StoneAsos Cement RoofAsset Reconstruction CompanyAuditoriumBakeryBalconiesBanksBasementBathroomBeach HouseBeach House PropertyBeach PropertyBeamBig BazaarBig MartBpoBrick MasonryBridgeBridge DeckBuildingBuilding ConstructionsBuildingsBungalowBungalow PropertyBungalowsBus DepotCall CenterCampusCanalCar ParksCcdCellarCement Painted SurfaceCeramic TilesChalky Porous SubtractChemically Inter PolymerChs Cooperative Housing SocietiesChs Co-Operative Housing SocietiesChs Cooperative Housing SocietyChs Co-Operative Housing SocietyChurchesClay Brick SurfaceClearing HouseClinicClinicsClub HouseClubsCoatingCoating ConcreteCoffee ShopCoffee ShopsCold StorageCollegeCollegesColumnCommercial ApartmentCommercial BuildingCommercial PropertyCommon BuildingsCompaniesCompanyCompany HouseComplexComputer Server RoomConcreteConcrete MortarConcrete PipesConcrete RepairConcrete RoofConcrete To ConcreteConcrete WallConvention CentersConvention CentresCooperative Housing SocietiesCo-Operative Housing SocietiesCooperative Housing SocietyCo-Operative Housing SocietyCo-Operative Housing Society PropertyCorrosion In BarsCorrugated Ac SheetCorrugated Steel SurfaceCottageCottage PropertyCrack Filler External PlasterCrack Filler Internal PlasterCrack FillersCrack RepairDamData CenterDomeDoorDuctDuplex HouseDuplex House PropertyEast (E) Facing ApartmentEast (E) Facing BuildingEast (E) Facing FlatsEast (E) Facing HouseEast (E) Facing PropertyEast (E) Facing SocietyEco Friendly BuildingsElectrical Control Panel RoomEnergy Efficient BuildingsEstateExterior BrickExterior Decorative CoatingExterior Stone MasonryExternal FloorExternal PlasteringExternal PlastersExternal WallFacilitiesFactoryFashion HouseFinancial InstitutesFive Star HotelsFlatFlat PropertyFlatsFlats PropertyFloorFlower BedFortsFoundationFoundation WallFurnished ApartmentGarden ApartmentGarden Apartment PropertyGarden FlatGarden Flat PropertyGharGlassGlass SurfaceGodownGo-DownsGovernment BuildingsGreen BuildingGreen Building PropertyGreen BuildingsGymsGypsumHarborHarboursHaveliHaveliesHealth Care FacilitiesHeavy IndustriesHeritage BuildingsHeritage ComplexHeritage GalleriesHeritage HomesHeritage HotelsHeritage PropertiesHeritage PropertyHeritage ResortsHeritage RestaurantsHeritage SchoolsHeritage StructureHermetic CeilingHigh PorousHigh Rise BuildingHigh Rise Building PropertyHigh Rise BuildingsHigh Rise TowerHigh Water TableHighwaysHomeHome Sweet HomeHorizontal CrackHospitalsHostelsHotelsHouseHousesHousingHousing SocietiesHousing SocietyIndoor TilesIndustrial GodownIndustriesInfrastructureInspection PitInternal FloorInternal PlastersInternal SurfaceInternal WallInternalWaterproofing without BreakingJoint Between BricksJoint Between MarbleJoint Between TilesKitchenKpoLarge Scale IndustriesLift ShaftsLight HouseList Of SocietiesLow PorousLow Water TableLuxury ApartmentLuxury HotelsMahalsMallsMangalore Tiles RoofManufacturer InfrastructureManufacturesManufacturing UnitMarketMartsMedium Scale IndustriesMega Structures BuildingMetal TanksMicro Small & Medium EnterprisesMidcMild Steel StructuresMixture MortarMonumentsMortarMortar ConcreteMosquesMsmeMultiplexMultiplexesMunicipal CorporationMuseumsNatural StoneNew ConcreteNew Construction BuildingsNew HomeNew HouseNorth (N) Facing ApartmentNorth (N) Facing BuildingNorth (N) Facing FlatsNorth (N) Facing HouseNorth (N) Facing PropertyNorth (N) Facing SocietyNorth-East Corner (Ne) – Ishanya Facing ApartmentNorth-East Corner (Ne) – Ishanya Facing BuildingNorth-East Corner (Ne) – Ishanya Facing FlatsNorth-East Corner (Ne) – Ishanya Facing HouseNorth-East Corner (Ne) – Ishanya Facing PropertyNorth-East Corner (Ne) – Ishanya Facing SocietyNorth-West Corner (Nw – Vayuvya Facing ApartmentNorth-West Corner (Nw – Vayuvya Facing BuildingNorth-West Corner (Nw – Vayuvya Facing FlatsNorth-West Corner (Nw – Vayuvya Facing HouseNorth-West Corner (Nw – Vayuvya Facing PropertyNorth-West Corner (Nw – Vayuvya Facing SocietyNorth-West Corner (Nw) – Vayuvya Facing ApartmentNorth-West Corner (Nw) – Vayuvya Facing BuildingNorth-West Corner (Nw) – Vayuvya Facing FlatsNorth-West Corner (Nw) – Vayuvya Facing HouseNorth-West Corner (Nw) – Vayuvya Facing PropertyNorth-West Corner (Nw) – Vayuvya Facing SocietyNri Beach PropertyNri BungalowNri Garden FlatNri Green BuildingNri Home ServicesNri HouseNri Pent HouseNri PropertyNri Rental PropertyNri Rented PropertyNri Row HouseOfficeOffice SpaceOld ConcreteOld StructuresOpen HouseOutdoor TilesOverhead CrackOverhead Water TankPainted WoodPalacesParapetParapet WallParkingParking DeskPent HousePenthouse PropertyPizza ShopPlantersPlasterPlaster Over Brick MasonryPlaster To PlasterPlastered WallPlasticPlinthPlywoodPodiumsPolymerPorous SubtractPrecast Concrete BuildingsPrefabricated BuildingsPrime PropertyPropertyProperty SitesProposed Cooperative Housing SocietiesProposed Co-Operative Housing SocietiesProposed Cooperative Housing SocietyProposed Co-Operative Housing SocietyRailway StationRain Lashed WallRcc Water TankReal EstateRebarRegistered Cooperative Housing SocietiesRegistered Co-Operative Housing SocietiesRegistered Cooperative Housing SocietyRegistered Co-Operative Housing SocietyReinforce ConcreteRent HouseRent Out PropertyRental HouseRental PropertyRented HouseRented PropertyRented Society FlatsRepair ConcreteRepair MortarReservoirsResidential BuildingsRest HouseRestaurantsRoad Side PropertyRoadsRoofRoof CeilingRoof ScreedRoof SlabsRoof TerraceRow HouseRow House PropertyRust RemoverSaloonSand Cement MixtureSand Cement MortarSand Cement Mortar MixSanitary AreaSchoolSchoolsServer RoomService ApartmentSewage PipesSezShajjasShopping ComplexShopping ComplexesShopping MallsShopsShowroomsShuttling PlatesSky Scrapers BuildingSkyline ApartmentSlabSmall & Medium EnterprisesSmall IndustriesSmall RoofSmall Scale BusinessSmall Scale IndustriesSmall Water TankSocietiesSocietySociety BuildingSociety BuildingsSociety PropertySouth (S) Facing ApartmentSouth (S) Facing BuildingSouth (S) Facing FlatsSouth (S) Facing HouseSouth (S) Facing PropertySouth (S) Facing SocietySouth-East Corner (Se) – Agneya Facing ApartmentSouth-East Corner (Se) – Agneya Facing BuildingSouth-East Corner (Se) – Agneya Facing FlatsSouth-East Corner (Se) – Agneya Facing HouseSouth-East Corner (Se) – Agneya Facing PropertySouth-East Corner (Se) – Agneya Facing SocietySouth-West Corner (Sw) – Nairutya Facing ApartmentSouth-West Corner (Sw) – Nairutya Facing BuildingSouth-West Corner (Sw) – Nairutya Facing FlatsSouth-West Corner (Sw) – Nairutya Facing HouseSouth-West Corner (Sw) – Nairutya Facing PropertySouth-West Corner (Sw) – Nairutya Facing SocietySpasSpecial Economic ZoneSports ComplexSt StandStadiumsStainless SteelSteel SurfaceStorage HouseStoreStructuresStudio ApartmentStudio Apartment PropertyStudio FlatStudio Flat PropertyStudiosSubstationSubtract AdhesionSuitable High Alkaline SubtractSunken Portion BalconiesSunken Portion BathroomSunken Portion ShajjasSunken Portion StaircaseSunken Portion ToiletSunken PortionsSupermarketSweet HomeSwimming PoolSynagoguesTallest BuildingsTempleTemplesTenant FlatTenant HouseTenant PropertyTenant RoomTerraceTerrace ApartmentTerrace Apartment PropertyTerrace FlatTerrace Flat PropertyTerrace HouseTheatresTheme ParkTileTile On TileToiletTower BuildingTower BuildingsTower PropertyTreatment PlantsTree HouseTunnelTunnelsUnderground StructureUnderground Water TankUniversitiesVastuVentilatorVertical CrackVillaVilla PropertyWare HouseWarehouseWater ParkWater Pipe LinesWater ReservoirsWater Retaining StructureWater SurfaceWater TankWater TanksWater TowerWater Treatment WorkWaterproof Repair PlasterWest (W) Facing ApartmentWest (W) Facing BuildingWest (W) Facing FlatsWest (W) Facing HouseWest (W) Facing PropertyWest (W) Facing SocietyWet Crack CeilingWindowsZenriba TerracesZahra Co – Op Hsg Society- Worli, MumbaiZahraYogi Tower Chs Limited- Borivali (W), MumbaiYogeshwar Coop Hsg Socy- Borivali (W), MumbaiYashodhan Boi Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiWorli Koli Samaj V K S Soc Limited- Worli Koliwada, MumbaiWorli Ambedkar Ngr Chs Limited- Worli, MumbaiWorli Ambedkar Ngr Chs Limited The- Worli, MumbaiWorld View: Lower ParelWorld ViewWorld One: Lower ParelWorld OneWorld Crest: Lower ParelWorld CrestWoodrose Co Op Hsg Society Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiWindermere 1 A Chsl- New Link Road, MumbaiWillows Twin Tower Coop Hsg Soc- Mulund (W), MumbaiWembley Coop Hsg Society- Andheri (W), MumbaiWelfare Chambers Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Vashi, MumbaiWaves: WorliWatchman Cabin Ekta Co Op Hsg S- Andheri (E), MumbaiWalkeswar Mangalkunj Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiWalkeshwar Purab Co – Op Hsg Socy Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiWalkeshwar Om Vikas Chs Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiWalkeshwar Gitanjali Co Op Hsg Society- Malabar Hill, MumbaiWadhwa 25 South B: PrabhadeviWadhwa 25 South BWadhwa 25 South A: PrabhadeviWadhwa 25 South AWadala Village Welfair Coop Hsg Soc Limited- Wadala, MumbaiVivarea 5: Mumbai CentralVivarea 5Vivant: Palm Beach MargVishal Co Op Limited- Andheri (E), MumbaiVindhya Commercial Premises Co Op Socy- Konkan Bhavan, MumbaiVinayak Aangan Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiVikas Finlay Towers Chs Limited- G D Ambedkar Road, MumbaiVijaylaxmi Apts Co-Op Hsg Society- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiVijaya Nagar Chs- Andheri, MumbaiVijay Villa Chsg- Prabhadevi, MumbaiVijay Vihar Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Chembur, MumbaiVijay Residency Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Wadala, MumbaiVijay Mahal Co Op Hsg Society Limited- Marine Lines, MumbaiVijay Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiVijay Chembers Chs- Tribhuvan Road, MumbaiVidhan BhavanVidecon B Co Op Hsg Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiVictory Blocks Co – Op Limited- Bandra, MumbaiVictorian: MumbaiVictoria Tower: MumbaiVictoria TowerViceroy Park: Palm Beach MargViceroy ParkVersova Trishul Chsl- Versova, MumbaiVersova Sandeep Sarovar Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiVersova Raj Mandir Chs Limited- Versova, MumbaiVersova Harsha Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiVersova Godavari Cooperative Hsg Soc- Andheri (W), MumbaiVeronaVenus TowerVeena Beena Shopping Centre- Bandra, MumbaiVeena Beena Chs Limited- Sewree, MumbaiVedant Phase Ii Chs Limited- Jakegram, MumbaiVastu Juhu Chs Limited- Juhu, MumbaiVastu Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiVastu Bandra Chs Limited- Bandra, MumbaiVasant SplendourVasant Sagar Krishna Kaveri Chsl- Kandivali (E), MumbaiVasant Sadhana Chs Abc Wings- Kandivali (W), MumbaiVasant Polaris: GoregaonVasant PolarisVasant Grandeur: BorivaliVasant GrandeurVasant Galaxy Pluto Chs Limited- Bangur Nagar, MumbaiVasan Industries Premises Co – Op Soc Limited- Delisle Road, MumbaiVarma Chambers Premises Co-Op Society- Gpo, MumbaiVardhman Heights Co – Op- Jeejamata Udyan, MumbaiVandana Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiValencia Bhakti Park Chs Limited- Antop Hill, MumbaiVaishya Chs Limited- Dadar, MumbaiVaibhav Apt Co Op Hsg Soc- Bhavani Shankar, MumbaiVagad Commercial Premise Co Op Soc Ltd- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiV K Natha Chs Limited- A K Road, MumbaiUttar Bhartiya Sahayogi Bhander Limited- MumbaiUttam Co-Op Hsg Soc- Chembur, MumbaiUsha Complex Coop Hsg Socty (Pr- Bhandup (W), MumbaiUrvashi Co Operative Housing Soc Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiUrmi Estate: Lower ParelUrmi EstateUrmi Chs Limited- Worli, MumbaiUrmi Chs Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiUpvan Coop Hsg Society Adhoc- Malad (E), MumbaiUptown ChemburUnited Housing Private Limited- Mahim, MumbaiUnited Housing Private Limited- Bhavani Shankar, MumbaiUmerkhadi Co – Op Housing Limited- Chinch Bunder, MumbaiUjwal Consumers Chs Limited- Dahisar (E), MumbaiUjagar Industrial Estate Premises Chs Limited- Deonar, MumbaiUdyan I Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Sakinaka, MumbaiUday Co-Op Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiTyabji Bagh Co – Operative Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiTwo IccTwisting Horizons: WorliTwin Towers Premises Co – Op Chsl- Prabhadevi, MumbaiTwin Towers A And BTwin Tower Co Operetive Co – Op Limited- Andheri (E), MumbaiTulsiram Chs Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiTulsiani Chambers Premises Co Op Soc Limited- Nariman Point, MumbaiTulsi Sagar – Iii: NerulTulsi Sagar – Ii: NerulTulsi Sagar – I: NerulTulsi Aura: GhansoliTrump Tower At The ParkTriveni Sangam Co – Op Houisng Society- Peddar Road, MumbaiTrishla Premises Co – Op Society Limited- Khar, MumbaiTridev TowerTrident Tower 2: ParelTrident Tower 1: ParelTranscon TriumphTranscon FloraTolaram Tower Chs Limited- Chembur, MumbaiTivoliTirumala Habitats: MulundTirumala HabitatsThree Sixty West: WorliThree Sixty West Tower BThree Sixty West Tower AThree Sixty West 2: WorliThree Sixty West 2Three Sixty WestThiruvalluvar Coop Society- Malad, MumbaiThe Walkeshwar Sudama Co – Op- Malabar Hill, MumbaiThe Vijay Co – Op Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiThe Springs – Ii: KalamboliThe Springs – I: KalamboliThe Society Piccadilly I Chs Limited- Aareymilkcol, MumbaiThe Secy Pinewood Co – Op Hsg Society- Mulund (W), MumbaiThe Park 1, 2, 3, 4 And 5The New Sunita Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Colaba, MumbaiThe Maharashtra State Co – Op Bank- Hutatma Chowk, MumbaiThe Jawahar Ngr Co-Op Hsg Socy- Goregaon (W), MumbaiThe Imperial I And IiThe Imperial Edge: TardeoThe Imperial EdgeThe Imperial 3: TardeoThe Imperial 3The Greater Bombay S Teacher Chs Ltd- Andheri (W), MumbaiThe Discovery Soc Limited- Borivali (E), MumbaiThe CapitalTharwani Riviera: KhargharTharwani Heights: Palm Beach MargThanee Height Flat Owners Association Society- Malabar Hill, MumbaiThakur Niwas Co-Op- Marine Lines, MumbaiTextila Co – Op Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiTen BkcTechnocrat Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiTata Housing SereinTata Housing AvezaTardeo Towers Chs Limited- Tulsiwadi, MumbaiTarabaug Alkya Wardhak Chs Limited- Mazgaon, MumbaiTara Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Pawai, MumbaiTaj Mahal TowerTahnee HeightsTabrez Tower: WadalaTabrez TowerSymcom Communication- P D Mello Road, MumbaiSwatantra Bhavan Chs Limited- Anand Nagar, MumbaiSwarajya Co – Op Limited- Khetwadi, MumbaiSwaraaj Queensbay: Kopar KhairaneSwaraaj Bella Vita: GhansoliSwapnalok Co – Op Society- A K Road, MumbaiSurya Apt Chs Limited- Bhulabhai Desai Road, MumbaiSuraj Prakash Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiSupremus OfficeSuprabhat Co – Op Hsg Society- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiSunshine Willow: GhansoliSunshine Tower: DadarSunshine TowerSunshine Heights Chs Limited- Bhavani Shankar Road, MumbaiSunset Ii Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Sakinaka, MumbaiSunrise Tower Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Kandivali (W), MumbaiSunrise Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Powai, MumbaiSunglow Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Chandivali, MumbaiSundatta Co Op Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiSun Industrial Estate Pre Chs- Lower Parel, MumbaiSummer Trinity Vertical: PrabhadeviSummer Trinity VerticalSumer Trinity VerticalSumer Trinity Tower 1 And 2Sumer Kendra Premises Co-Op Society Limited- Worli, MumbaiSulsa Premises Co-Op Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiSudhakar Co-Op Hos Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiStandard House Coop Housing Sc- M Karve Road, MumbaiSt.Regis Mumbai: MumbaiSpenta Co-Operative- Malabar Hill, MumbaiSouth BaySonmarg Co-Op Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiSolitaireSoham Exotica- Kharghar, MumbaiSneh Sadan Co Op Limited- Colaba, MumbaiSkyvilla: Palm Beach MargSky Link Tower 2: WorliSky Link Tower 1: WorliSky Link Tower 2Sky Link Tower 1Sky City By Oberoi RealtySind Co Op Housing Soc Ltd- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiSimla House Co – Op Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiSignia Oceans: AiroliSiddhi Tower Co – Op Hsg Society- Borivali (W), MumbaiShubham Atlantis: Kopar KhairaneShri Gajanan Chs Limited- Mahim, MumbaiShreepati Skies: TardeoShreepati JewelsShreepati Garden Tower 4: ParelShreepati Garden Tower 3: ParelShreepati Garden Tower 2: ParelShreepati Garden Tower 1: ParelShreepati Estate: Lower ParelShreepati Arcade: Nana ChowkShreepati ArcadeShree Satyam Co – Op Hsg Society- Kharghar, MumbaiShree Omkar Co – Operative Limited- Kopar Khairane, MumbaiShree Dham Classic- Goregaon (W), MumbaiShiv Smriti Chambers Chs- Worli, MumbaiShirin Chs Limited- Grant Road, MumbaiShilp Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Delisle Road, MumbaiSheth Vasant ValleySheth Vasant SagarSheth Vasant OscarSheth Vasant MarvelSheth Vasant LeelaSheth Vasant LawnsSheth Vasant FionaSheth Montana Sierra: MulundSheth Montana SierraSheth Montana Rosa B: MulundSheth Montana Rosa BSheth Montana Rosa A: MulundSheth Montana Rosa ASheth Montana Gina B: MulundSheth Montana Gina BSheth Montana Gina A: MulundSheth Montana Gina ASheth Montana Blissberq: MulundSheth Montana BlissberqSheth IvySheth BeauprideSheth Beaumonde Tower I, Ii, IiiSheth BeaumondeSheth AthenaSherbanoo Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Marine Lines (E), MumbaiSher E Punjab Co – Op House- Chakala M I D C, MumbaiShelton Vista: NerulSheefield Towers Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiShatrunjay Co – Op Limited- Rajawadi, MumbaiShapoorji Pallonji ViciniaShapoorji Pallonji The Imperial TowersShapoorji Pallonji The Imperial EdgeShantivan-1 Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Malad (E), MumbaiShantivan Two Co Op Hsg Soc- Malad (E), MumbaiShantivan – 1 Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiShanti Industrial Premises- Mulund (W), MumbaiShanti Heights: Kopar KhairaneShankheshwar Darshan Co – Op Society- Byculla, MumbaiShankar Sagar Co-Op Hsg So Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiShangri-La HotelShana Sion Tower C: SionShana Sion Tower CShana Sion Tower B: SionShana Sion Tower BShana Sion Tower A: SionShana Sion Tower AShana Ramtekdi: SionShana RamtekdiShalimar Co – Operative Hsg Society- Colaba, MumbaiShah Kingdom – V: KhargharShah Kingdom – Iv: KhargharShah Kingdom – Iii: KhargharShah Kingdom – Ii: KhargharShah Kingdom – I: KhargharShah Heights: KhargharShaan Apartment Chs Limited- K Dhuru Road, MumbaiSeva Samiti Chs Ltd- Antop Hill, MumbaiServices Unlimited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiSeawoods Grand Central: SeawoodsSealine Co-Op Hsng Society Limited- Khar (W), MumbaiSea Queen Heritage: Palm Beach MargSea Palace Premises Co – Operative Housing Limited- Juhu Tara Road, MumbaiSd Epsilon Tower C: KandivaliSd Epsilon Tower CSd Epsilon Tower B: KandivaliSd Epsilon Tower BSd Epsilon Tower A: KandivaliSd Epsilon Tower ASd Astron Tower C: KandivaliSd Astron Tower CSd Astron Tower B: KandivaliSd Astron Tower BSd Astron Tower A: KandivaliSd Astron Tower ASd Alpine Tower A: KandivaliSd Alpine Tower ASavoy Co – Op Hsg Socty Limited- Wagle Estate, MumbaiSatyam Imperial: KalamboliSatya Darshan Co – Op Limited- Chakala M I D C, MumbaiSatra Plaza: Palm Beach MargSatellite Sesen: Nepean Sea RoadSatellite SesenSatellite Classic Co – Op Society Limited- Jogeshwari (E), MumbaiSatellite 47 Racecoures Tower B: ParelSatellite 47 Racecoures Tower BSatellite 47 Racecoures Tower A: ParelSatellite 47 Racecoures Tower ASarvodaya Industrial Premises Co – Op Society Limited- Chakala M I D C, MumbaiSarvodaya HeightsSarnath Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Breach Candy, MumbaiSaraswat Suburbun Chs Limited- Santacruz, MumbaiSankalp Co – Op Soceity Limited- Jogeshwari (E), MumbaiSanjay Ashok C H S Limited- Hansraj Lane, MumbaiSanghavi Majestic A Wing Chs Limited- MumbaiSangh Mitra Co Op Hsg- Sion, MumbaiSamudra MahalSamrudhhi Chs Limited Ambedkar- Worli, MumbaiSamrat Ashok Society- Malabar Hill, MumbaiSakhar Bhavan Prmiesses Co-Op Society- Nariman Point, MumbaiSaifee ParkSai World City: New PanvelSai Symphony: KhargharSai Spring: KhargharSai Solitaire: KhargharSai Riverdale: KhargharSai Pride: Palm Beach MargSai Moksh: KhargharSai Miracle: KhargharSai Mannat: KhargharSai Crystal: KhargharSai Chamber Premises Owners Association- MumbaiSahyadri Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Rajawadi, MumbaiSagar Teer Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiSagar Sangeet And Conversion Scheme Co-Op Hsg Society- Colaba, MumbaiSagar Classic Co – Op Hsg Society- Mumbai Central, MumbaiSagar Chs Society Limited- Kurla (W), MumbaiSa Udra Setu Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiRustomjees Ozone Chs Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiRustomjee The ShimmerRustomjee SangamRustomjee RoyaleRustomjee RivieraRustomjee ResidencyRustomjee Regency- Dahisar, MumbaiRustomjee RegencyRustomjee RegalRustomjee RaagRustomjee PinnacleRustomjee OzoneRustomjee Orva ResidencyRustomjee NatrajRustomjee MeridianRustomjee La SonrisaRustomjee La SolitaRustomjee La RocheRustomjee GaganRustomjee ElitaRustomjee ElanzaRustomjee Central ParkRustomjee Buena VistaRustomjee AspiréeRustomjee Adarsh ResidencyRustomjee Adarsh RegencyRustomjee Adarsh Regal BRustomjee Adarsh RegalRustomjee Adarsh ExcellencyRustomjee 9 JvpdRustomjee 7 JvpdRushilla Co Op Hsg Socy Ltd- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiRushabh Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Sewree, MumbaiRuparel Jewel: ParelRuparel JewelRuparel Ariana: ParelRuparel ArianaRunwal ViharRunwal TowersRunwal SymphonyRunwal Swastik PlazaRunwal Subodh ParkRunwal Shopping CentreRunwal SaurabhRunwal Sangeeta ApartmentRunwal Sandeep TerraceRunwal Sandeep ParkRunwal ResidencyRunwal RegencyRunwal R Euphoria I OliveRunwal PrideRunwal PlazaRunwal ParkRunwal Parekh BuildingRunwal Orchard ResidencyRunwal Nagar Phase 2Runwal NagarRunwal Kirtikar ApartmentsRunwal HillsRunwal HeritageRunwal GranduerRunwal GrandRunwal GardenRunwal Estate PhaseRunwal EightsRunwal Commercial ComplexRunwal Commercial CentreRunwal ClassiqueRunwal Chandan ApartmentsRunwal ChambersRunwal Centre Phase 2Runwal Centre Phase 1Ruby Mills Tower: DadarRuby Mills TowerRubberwala Eon: ParelRubberwala EonRose Terrace Co – Op Hsg Society- Amboli, MumbaiRosary Co – Op Hsg Socity Limited- Mazgaon, MumbaiRna Mirage: WorliRna MirageRna Metropolis 1: SewriRna Metropolis 1Rna MetropolisRizvi Heights Hsg Society Limited- Mahim, MumbaiRitu Apartments Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiRidge Rd Cliff Premises Co-Op Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiRicha Park Marina: DadarRicha Park MarinaRex Chambers Premises Co – Op Society- Ballard Estate, MumbaiResort View Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiResidence AntiliaRemi Bizcourt Premises Co – Op Society- Andheri (W), MumbaiRekab Corporation- E S Patanwala Marg, MumbaiRegent Chambers Premises Co-Op Soc Limited- Nariman Point, MumbaiRegency Icon: KhargharRegency Gardens: KhargharRegency Crest: KhargharReadymoney Premises Chs Limited- Worli Naka, MumbaiRaval Tower Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- MumbaiRatnadeep Apartment- Turbhe, MumbaiRashmi Avenue Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiRampart Premises Co – Op Soc Limited- Kalaghoda, MumbaiRamakrishna Sadan Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- S Pochkhanwalal Road, MumbaiRajnigandha Co-Op- Juhu, MumbaiRajasthan Co-Op Housing Soc Limited- J B Nagar, MumbaiRaj Heights Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Kandivali (W), MumbaiRaheja Vivarea 3: MumbaiRaheja Vivarea 2: MumbaiRaheja Vivarea 1: MumbaiRaheja Vivarea 1,2 And 3Raheja VivareaRaheja LegendRaheja Imperia: WorliRaheja Imperia: Lower ParelRaheja ImperiaRaheja ExcelsiorRadius Harbour Heights E: BycullaRadius Harbour Heights ERadius Harbour Heights D: BycullaRadius Harbour Heights DRadius Harbour Heights C: BycullaRadius Harbour Heights CRadius Harbour Heights B: BycullaRadius Harbour Heights BRadius Harbour Heights A: BycullaRadius Harbour Heights ARadha Co-Op Limited- Vile Parle (W), MumbaiRa Residence Tower A And BR Galleria I RunwalQuarter Deck Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiQuantum Park Society- Khar Danda, MumbaiPushpak Chs Limited- Udyog Nagar, MumbaiPushpa Bhuvan Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Colaba, MumbaiPunit Tower Ii Chs Ltd- Konkan Bhavan, MumbaiProviso Paradise: KhargharProspect Chambers Off Owners Condominium- Gpo, MumbaiPriyadarshini Mahila Co – Op Hsg Socy Limited- Dadar (W), MumbaiPriviera By Oberoi RealtyPrithvi Apts Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiPrisma By Oberoi RealtyPresident Park Chs Limited- Vashi, MumbaiPremsons Premises Co Op Society Limited- Sahar, MumbaiPremnagar Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- MumbaiPrem Vishnu Chs Limited- Mulund (E), MumbaiPrem Jyot Co-Op Hsg Soc Ltd- Chembur (E), MumbaiPrem Co Operative Hsg Society Limited- Khar, MumbaiPratibha Co Operative Hsg Socy Ltd- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiPrathamesh Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiPranay Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Kandivali (W), MumbaiPragji Vrindavan Premises Coop Society Limited- Kalbadevi, MumbaiPragji Vrindavan Premises Coop Society L- Kalbadevi, MumbaiPrabhukunj Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiPrabhu Kutir Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiPowai Vihar Gem Coop Society- MumbaiPowai Vihar Bldg No 2 Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Iit Powai, MumbaiPowai Jalvayu Vihar Type-C Co-Op Hsg Soc- Iit Powai, MumbaiPowai Cosmopolitan C H S Limited- MumbaiPoonam Property Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Worli, MumbaiPoonam Complex Gulmohar Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiPlanet Godrej: MahalaxmiPlanet GodrejPiramal Revanta Tower C: MulundPiramal Revanta Tower CPiramal Revanta Tower B: MulundPiramal Revanta Tower BPiramal Revanta Tower A: MulundPiramal Revanta Tower APiramal Aryana Tower B: BycullaPiramal Aryana Tower BPiramal Aryana Tower A: BycullaPiramal Aryana Tower APhiroze Jeejeebhoy TowersPetitPete-Luke Co-Op Hsg So Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiPentacle Co-Op Housing Socity Limited- G Deshmukh Road, MumbaiPeninsula Salsette Tower A & B: BycullaPeninsula Salsette Tower A & BPemino Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiPeacock Palace Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiPawar Associates- Mulund (E), MumbaiPawapuri Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Mazgaon, MumbaiPathare Prabhu Co Op Hsg Society- Khar, MumbaiParth Joshi- T P S Road, MumbaiPark Lane Co – Op Hsg Socy Limited- Bandra, MumbaiParel Vikas Chs Limited- Parel, MumbaiPanchvati A – Co – Op Hsg Society- Sakinaka, MumbaiPanchtantra Chs Limited- Versova, MumbaiPanchtantra 2 Co-Op Hsg Society- Versova, MumbaiPanchshil Marine Drive: Marine DrivePanchshil Marine DrivePanchsheel 1 Hsg Soc Limited- Malad (E), MumbaiPanchali Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Dahisar, MumbaiPalmera Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiPalm Spring E Chs Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiPalm Spring D Co – Op Hsg Society- Malad (W), MumbaiPalm Spring C Co – Op Housing- Malad (W), MumbaiPalm Project H Unit Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiPalm Project G Chsl- Malad (W), MumbaiPalm Paradise: Palm Beach MargPalm Court M Premises Co – Operative Society Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiPalm Beach Residency: Palm Beach MargPalm Beach Galleria: Palm Beach Marg, VashiPalm Acres Co – Op Hsg Soc- Mulund, MumbaiPalais Royale: Lower Parel, MumbaiPalais RoyalePadmavati Co – Op Hsg Socy Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiPacific Enclave Chs Ltd- Iit Powai, MumbaiOxford Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiOwners Co-Op Socy Limited- Chembur, MumbaiOrion Co-Op Hsg Society- Jakegram, MumbaiOrchid Woods 3: Mumbai CentralOrchid Woods 1, 2 And 3Orchid Turf View Tower BOrchid Turf View Tower AOrchid Heights 2: Jacob CircleOrchid Heights 2Orchid Heights 1: Jacob CircleOrchid Heights 1Orchid Enclave 2: Mumbai CentralOrchid Enclave 1: Mumbai CentralOrchid EnclaveOrchid Crown Tower COrchid Crown Tower A And BOrchid Crown 3: PrabhadeviOrchid Crown 3Orchid Crown 2: PrabhadeviOrchid Crown 2Orchid Crown 1: PrabhadeviOrchid Crown 1Orchid Co – Op Limited- Worli, MumbaiOrbit Terraces: Lower ParelOrbit TerracesOrbit Corporate Park: VashiOne MahalaxmiOne Indiabulls Vista Blu: Mumbai CentralOne Indiabulls Vista BluOne Indiabulls Sky BluOne Indiabulls Iris Blue: MumbaiOne Indiabulls Iris BluOne Indiabulls Blu Tower DOne IccOne Hiranandani ParkOne BkcOne Avighna Park: ParelOne Avighna ParkOne AquariaOmkar Alta Monte Tower D Ns Wing: MaladOmkar Alta Monte Tower D Ns WingOmkar Alta Monte Tower C: MaladOmkar Alta Monte Tower COmkar Alta Monte Tower B: MaladOmkar Alta Monte Tower BOmkar Alta Monte Tower A: MaladOmkar Alta Monte Tower AOmkar 1973 Tower C: WorliOmkar 1973 Tower B: WorliOmkar 1973 Tower A: WorliOmkar 1973 Worli Tower COmkar 1973 Worli Tower BOmkar 1973 Worli Tower AOmkar 1973 Tower COmkar 1973 Tower BOmkar 1973 Tower AOm Co-Op Limited- Bhavani Shankar, MumbaiOffice Of The Nariman Bhavan Premises Chs- Nariman Point, MumbaiOdyssey IiOdyssey IOdrej WaldorfOcean Towers: Charni RoadOberoi Woods Tower 1, 2 And 3Oberoi WoodsOberoi TridentOberoi Three Sixty WestOberoi SpringsOberoi Splendor GrandeOberoi SplendorOberoi Skyz Tower 2: WorliOberoi Skyz Tower 1: WorliOberoi Skyheights Tower 1: LokhandwalaOberoi Skyheights Tower 1 And 2Oberoi Sky HeightsOberoi Sky GardensOberoi Sky City Tower J: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower JOberoi Sky City Tower I: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower IOberoi Sky City Tower H: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower HOberoi Sky City Tower G: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower GOberoi Sky City Tower F: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower FOberoi Sky City Tower E: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower EOberoi Sky City Tower D: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower DOberoi Sky City Tower C: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower COberoi Sky City Tower B: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower BOberoi Sky City Tower A: BorivaliOberoi Sky City Tower AOberoi SevenOberoi ParkviewOberoi GardensOberoi Garden City 9: GoregaonOberoi Garden City 9Oberoi Garden City 8: GoregaonOberoi Garden City 8Oberoi Garden City 7: GoregaonOberoi Garden City 7Oberoi Garden City 11: GoregaonOberoi Garden City 11Oberoi Garden City 10: GoregaonOberoi Garden City 10Oberoi Exquisite Tower 3: GoregaonOberoi Exquisite Tower 2: GoregaonOberoi Exquisite Tower 1: GoregaonOberoi Exquisite Tower 1,2 And 3Oberoi Eternia C & D: MulundOberoi Eternia C & DOberoi Eternia A & B: MulundOberoi Eternia A & BOberoi Esquire A, B And COberoi Enigma: MulundOberoi EnigmaOberoi CrestOberoi Commerz IiOberoi Commerz 4: GoregaonOberoi Commerz 4Oberoi Commerz 3: GoregaonOberoi Commerz 3Oberoi Beachwood HouseOakland Park Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiNorita Chs Limited- Iit Powai, MumbaiNoor E Jahan Complex Co – Op Housing- Kurla, MumbaiNippon Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Juhu, MumbaiNilgiri Gardens Chs Limited- Konkan Bhavan, MumbaiNiharika Residency: KhargharNewa Garden: AiroliNew Woodland Co-Op Limited- G D Deshmukh Marg, MumbaiNew Vasant Villa- Ghatkopar (W), MumbaiNew Suvas Apts Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiNew Sterling Centre- Worli, MumbaiNew Shweta Co – Op Housing Socy- Kandivali (E), MumbaiNew Shree Niketan Chs Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiNew Ridge Apts Co-Op Hsg Society- Malabar Hill, MumbaiNew Pushtikar Chs Limited- Colaba, MumbaiNew Poornima Apts Chs Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiNew Monalisa Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Bandra, MumbaiNew Malabar Residency- Fort, MumbaiNew Empire Premises Chs Limited- J B Nagar, MumbaiNew Deluxe Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiNew Cuffe Parade Towers (No.1 To 9)New Cosmopolitan Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiNew Chandan Avenue Chsl- Mira Bhayander Road, MumbaiNew Bhandup Indl Premises Co – Op Society- Bhandup (W), MumbaiNew Ambivali Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiNew Akash Ganga Co – Op- Bhulabhai Desai Road, MumbaiNepean Sea Rambha Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiNepean Sea Co-Op Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiNeha Kores Towers Chs Limited- Jakegram, MumbaiNeelkant Niranjan Premises Co – Op Society Limited- Marine Drive, MumbaiNeelamber Co – Op Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiNeelam Apts Chs Limited- Mount Mary Road, MumbaiNavshree Sumangal Chs Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiNavjivan Com Premises Co-Op Society Limited- D Bhadkamkar Marg, MumbaiNavdaryamahal Chs Limited- MumbaiNav Shreeram Appts Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiNav Maharashtra Ngr Chs Limited- Tulsiwadi, MumbaiNational Harmony: New PanvelNathani Heights: Mumbai CentralNathani HeightsNandjyot Indst Premises Chs Limited- Safed Pool, MumbaiNamaste Tower: Lower ParelNamaste TowerNalanda Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiNafees Co – Op Hsg Socy Limited 4- Gpo, MumbaiMvrdcMumbai Upanagar Zilha M S S M- Bandra (E), MumbaiMt Blanc C H S Limited- A K Road, MumbaiMrvdc (World Trade Center): Cuffe ParadeMoraj Casa Grande: Kopar KhairaneMont BlancMonarch Luxuria: KhargharMonarch Greenscapes: New PanvelMomin Gujrat Co – Op Limited- Jogeshwari (W), MumbaiMomin Gujarath Chs Limited- Jogeshwari (W), MumbaiModel Town Mulund Co – Op Hsg Soc- Mulund (W), MumbaiMithanagar Matushri Chs Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiMistry Manor Co – Op Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiMira Mansion Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Sion Circle, MumbaiMinerva Premises Co-Op Soc Limited- Sewree, MumbaiMillennium Towers- Turbhe, MumbaiMillennium Avanish (Phase-Ii): AiroliMillennium Avanish (Phase-I): AiroliMillenium Orchid Chs Limited- Kharghar, MumbaiMilan Industries Premises Chs Limited- Abhyudaya Nagar, MumbaiMidas Chambers Co-Op Premise So- Andheri (W), MumbaiMehr Naz Co-Operative- Colaba, MumbaiMeher Apt Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiMeghdoot Co – Op Hsg Sty Limited- Kalbadevi, MumbaiMeenaxi Towers Chs Limited- Goregaon (E), MumbaiMeenaxi Apt Owners Association- Goregaon (W), MumbaiMatru Mandir: TardeoMatru Mandir Co-Op Hsg Society- Grant Road, MumbaiMary Diamond Chs Limited- Bandra, MumbaiMarvel Co Op Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiMarina Apartments 1: DadarMarigold Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiMarathon Nexzone (Phase 2): PanvelMarathon Nexzone (Phase 1): PanvelMarathon Monte South Wing F: BycullaMarathon Monte South Wing FMarathon Monte South Wing E: BycullaMarathon Monte South Wing EMarathon Monte South Wing D: BycullaMarathon Monte South Wing DMarathon Monte South Wing C: BycullaMarathon Monte South Wing CMarathon Monte South Wing B: BycullaMarathon Monte South Wing BMarathon Monte South Wing A: BycullaMarathon Monte South Wing AMarathon Futurex: MumbaiMarathon FuturexMarathon Cosmos Chs Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiManish Nagar Socities Association- Andheri (W), MumbaiManish Mahal Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiMangla Tower Chs Limited- Belapur, MumbaiMandke Heart Hospital And Research CentreMamta Sankalp Chs Limited- A K Vaidya Marg, MumbaiMalbar Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiMalad Kokil Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiMaker/ Tower (E) (Premise) Co Operative/Society- Colaba, MumbaiMaker Tower L Chs Limited- Colaba, MumbaiMaker Tower I Co – Op- Colaba, MumbaiMaker Tower F/ Premises/ Co Operatives (Ltd)- Cuffe Parade, MumbaiMaker Tower Co Operative Hsg Soc Limited- Colaba, MumbaiMakarand Co – Op Limited- Dadar (W), MumbaiMahindra Gardens Tulip Co – Op- Goregaon (W), MumbaiMahindra Gardens Orchid Chs Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiMahavir Ratan: VashiMahavir Heritage: KhargharMahalaxmi Commercial Premises- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiMahajan’s Hospital: RabaleMahaavir Heights: KalamboliMahaavir Amrut: Palm Beach MargMaha Goolestan Co – Op Hsg Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiMagnum Tower Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiMadhuli Chs Limited- Worli, MumbaiMadhava Commercial Premises Society Limited- Bandra (E), MumbaiLoyal Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Worli, MumbaiLokhandwala Minerva: MahalaxmiLokhandwala MinervaLohtse Chs Limited- Juhu, MumbaiLodha Venezia Tower A: ParelLodha Venezia Tower A And BLodha Venezia 2: ParelLodha Venezia 2Lodha Trump Tower: WorliLodha Trump TowerLodha The Parkside: WorliLodha The ParksideLodha The Park Kiara: WorliLodha The Park Kiara Tower B: WorliLodha The Park Kiara Tower BLodha The Park KiaraLodha The Park B: WorliLodha The Park BLodha The Park A: WorliLodha The Park ALodha SupremusLodha Project Wadala: WadalaLodha PrimeroLodha MeridianLodha Luxuria PrivaLodha LuxuriaLodha ImperiaLodha GrandezzaLodha GoldcrestLodha Fiorenza Venezia TowerLodha Fiorenza Sienna TowerLodha Fiorenza Roma TowerLodha Fiorenza Milano TowerLodha ExcelusLodha EnchanteLodha ElisiumLodha DioroLodha CostieraLodha Casa RoyaleLodha Bellissimo: MahalaxmiLodha Bellissimo Tower 2: MahalaxmiLodha Bellissimo TowerLodha BellissimoLodha BellezzaLodha Aurum GrandeLodha AurumLodha AristoLodha AquaLodha Altamount: MumbaiLodha Altamount: Altamount RoadLodha AltamountLloyds Garden Co – Operative Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiLiving Essence Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiLink Garden Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiLe Palazzo: Nana ChowkLe PalazzoLaram Centre Chsl- Andheri, MumbaiLands End Co – Op Housing Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiLal Bahadur Chs Limited- Ghatkopar (W), MumbaiLake Pleasant Co – Op Limited- Iit Powai, MumbaiLady Ratan Tower Co – Op Hsg Society- Worli, MumbaiLa Mer Co-Op Housing Soc Limited- MumbaiL&T Crescent Bay 3: SewriL&T Crescent Bay 3L&T Crescent Bay 2: SewriL&T Crescent Bay 2L&T Crescent Bay 1: SewriL&T Crescent Bay 1L&T Crescent BayL K Market Premises Co-Op Society Limited- Kalbadevi, MumbaiKul CoutureKukreja Complex Society- Bhandup (W), MumbaiKukreja Complex Co – Op Housing Association- Bhandup (W), MumbaiKshitij ApartmentsKrishh Celestia: KhargharKranti Nagar Consumers Co – Op Soc- Borivali, MumbaiKopar Khairne Grahak Sahakari Soc Limited- Turbhe, MumbaiKonkan C H S Limited- Mahim, MumbaiKohinoor Square Tower BKohinoor Square Tower AKlassic Tower A Wing Chs Limited- Jacob Circle, MumbaiKiran Indl Premises Chsl- Goregaon (W), MumbaiKheswala Premises Co-Op Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiKhar Ruby Co Op Hsg Socy- 35th Road, MumbaiKesar Symphony: KhargharKesar Solitaire: Palm Beach MargKent Heights- Malad (W), MumbaiKaveri Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Mulund (E), MumbaiKaran Co – Op Hsg Society- Versova, MumbaiKanjur Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Bhandup, MumbaiKangra Mitra Mandal Chsl- Worli, MumbaiKandivli Shankar Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiKanchanjunga ApartmentsKanchan Nalanda Chs Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiKamdhenu Apna Ghar Co – Op Limited- 1st Cross Lane, MumbaiKamala Park Complex Chs Limited- Bhayandar, MumbaiKamal Khan Chwl Tenants Association- Chawl, MumbaiKamal Co-Op Housing Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiKalpita Enclave Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiKalpatru HeightsKalpataru YashodhanKalpataru WoodsvilleKalpataru TowersKalpataru SunriseKalpataru SolitairKalpataru Siddhachal EliteKalpataru Siddhachal ElegantKalpataru RiversideKalpataru RadianceKalpataru PristineKalpataru Primus ResidencesKalpataru ParamountKalpataru Matru AshishKalpataru MagnusKalpataru Launch Code StarlightKalpataru Launch Code ExpansiaKalpataru ImperiaKalpataru ImmensaKalpataru Habitat Chs Limited- Parel, MumbaiKalpataru Elan: ParelKalpataru ElanKalpataru CrestKalpataru BlissKalpataru AvenueKalpataru Avana: ParelKalpataru AvanaKalina Chs Limited- Kalina, MumbaiKailashchandra Co-Op Limited- MumbaiJupiter TowerJupiter Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiJuhu Apartments- Juhu, MumbaiJoyus Housing: GirgaonJogeshwari Anand Chs Limited- Jogeshwari (W), MumbaiJivesh TerracesJewel Premises Chsl The- Goregaon, MumbaiJeevan Co-Operative- Kandivali (W), MumbaiJasmine Poonam Complex Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiJaslok Hospital & Research CentreJanta Super Market- Parel, MumbaiJai Shastri Nagar C H S Limited- MumbaiJai Pushpa Milan Chs Limited- Mulund (E), MumbaiJai Mati Co – Oprative Society- Malad (E), MumbaiJai Bholenath Co – Op Cr Society Limited- Santacruz (E), MumbaiJagat Vidya Chs Limited- Bandra, MumbaiJ K Premises Co-Op Hsg Soc- Turbhe, MumbaiIthink By LodhaItc Grand CentralItc FortuneIsmailia Co Op Hsg Soc Ltd The- MumbaiIsland City Centre 2: MumbaiIsland City Centre 2Ishwar Ecstasy: NerulIsalnd City Centre 1: MumbaiIsalnd City Centre 1Irla Co – Op Limited- Vile Parle (W), MumbaiIris Co-Op Limited- Colaba, MumbaiInterface Heights A Chs Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiInlaks Ngr Chs- Versova, MumbaiIndu Park Chsl- Andheri (W), MumbaiIndraprastha Co – Op Limited- Ghatkopar (E), MumbaiIndraprastha Chs Limited Ib Society- Malad (E), MumbaiIndra Tower: DadarIndian Union Co Operative Hsg Soc- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiIndiabulls Sky Suites: Lower ParelIndiabulls Sky SuitesIndiabulls Sky Forest Tower 2: Lower ParelIndiabulls Sky Forest Tower 2Indiabulls Sky Forest Tower 1: Lower ParelIndiabulls Sky Forest Tower 1Indiabulls Sky ForestIndiabulls SkyIndiabulls Green (Phase 2): New PanvelIndiabulls Green (Phase 1): New PanvelIndiabulls Blu 3: WorliIndiabulls Blu 3Indiabulls Blu 2: WorliIndiabulls Blu 2Indiabulls Blu 1: WorliIndiabulls Blu 1India International Trade Center: Nariman PointImplosion Coop Hsg Society Limited- Shivaji Nagar, MumbaiImperial Tower 2: TardeoImperial Tower 1: TardeoImperial Heights Tower A, B, C And DImperial HeightsImperial 3Idbi TowersHughesHubtown Realms: GamdeviHubtown Bay 3: WorliHubtown Bay 2: WorliHubtown Bay 1: WorliHrishikesh Chs Limited- Svatantra Veer Savarkar Marg, MumbaiHiranandani The WalkHiranandani RodasHiranandani Palace Gardens: PanvelHiranandani MeadowsHiranandani Lake EnclaveHiranandani HeritageHiranandani Gardens PowaiHiranandani EstateHind Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Sion, MumbaiHind Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Sion (E), MumbaiHillway Sadhna Chs Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiHill View Residency: Cbd BelapurHill View Co – Op- Mazgaon, MumbaiHeritageHemprabha Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Marine Lines, MumbaiHeera Panna Co – Op Hsg Socy Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiHbs View 360: MahalaxmiHbs View 360Hbs SkylinkHbs Marine View: GirgaonHbs Marine ViewHaware Infotech Park: VashiHarshvardhan Co-Op Hsg Society- Sakinaka, MumbaiHaridwar I & Ii C H S Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiHari Niwas Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Churchgate, MumbaiHarbour HeightsHaj HouseGuru Mahima Heights: Palm Beach MargGundecha Gardens Chs Limited- Parel, MumbaiGulshiana Co – Op- Marine Lines, MumbaiGuinina: SanpadaGrove Tower 2Grove TowerGrenville Park Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Ghatkopar (W), MumbaiGreenland Chs Limited- Andheri (E), MumbaiGreen Ridge Tower Chs Limited- Borivali (W), MumbaiGreen Palms: GhansoliGreen Meadows Bldg 4 Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiGreen Field ‘B’ Chs Limited- Andheri (E), MumbaiGreen Crest Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiGreat Estern Shores Co-Op Hsg Society- Juhu, MumbaiGrand Paradi Co – Op Hsg Society- Malabar Hill, MumbaiGrand Paradi A, B And CGrace Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiGoregaon Pagrav Chs Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiGorai Shree Darshan Co – Op Hsg Society- Borivali (W), MumbaiGoodwill Excellency: VashiGoodearth Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Chembur, MumbaiGolden Heights Chs Limited- Andheri (W), MumbaiGolden Empress: PanvelGolden Co – Op Hsg Society- Rajawadi, MumbaiGold Coin Chs Limited- Tulsiwadi, MumbaiGokuldham Co-Op Credit Soc Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiGokul Nagar Co-Op Hsg Society- Kandivali (W), MumbaiGokul Heaven (D-M) Co-Op Hsc Limited- MumbaiGods Gift Chs- Worli, MumbaiGodrej Sky: ParelGodrej Sky GardenGodrej SkyGodrej PineGodrej GlenelgGodrej EdenwoodsGodrej City: PanvelGodrej BayviewGlengate Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Hiranandani Gardens, MumbaiGlen HeightsGlen CroftGlen ClassicGlaxo Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Bandra (W), MumbaiGehlot Majesty: SeawoodsGe Links Co-Op Hsg So Limited- Ram Mandir Road, MumbaiGanapati Tower Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiGalaxy Orion: KhargharGalaxy Carina: KhargharFour Seasons Serviced ApartmentsFour Seasons Private Residences & Apartment Tower 2: WorliFour Seasons Private Residences & Apartment Tower 2Four Seasons Private Residences & Apartment Tower 1: WorliFour Seasons Private Residences & Apartment Tower 1Four Seasons Private ResidencesFour Seasons MumbaiForeshore Co Oprative Limited- Nariman Point, MumbaiFlorence Co-Op Housing Soc The- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiFloral Deck Plaza Chs Limited- Chakala M I D C, MumbaiFariyas Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- A K Road, MumbaiFam Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Turbhe, MumbaiExquisite By Oberoi RealtyExpress TowersExcalibur By NaharEvershine Nests Private Limited- Khar (W), MumbaiEvershine Insat Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiEvershine Halley Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiEvening Star Chs Limited- Sakinaka, MumbaiEvening Glory Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Sakinaka, MumbaiEternia Tower 1 And 2Eternia By Oberoi RealtyEsquire By Oberoi RealtyEon TowerEnigma Tower 1 And 2Enigma By Oberoi RealtyEmpire Guide Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiEmerald Court Co-Op Hsg Society- Ram Mandir Road, MumbaiEmerald Bay: NerulElectronic Sdn-1 Premises Chs Limited- Ghansoli, MumbaiEkta Tripolis Tower 1, 2 And 3Ekta Co Op Hsg S- Andheri (E), MumbaiEksar Madhumilan Chs Limited- Mandapeshwar, MumbaiEden Wood Cedar House Chs Limited- Lady Alvaris Road, MumbaiDyaneshwar Nagar Co Op Hsg Scy- Wadala, MumbaiDudhwala Complex Chs Limited- Bombaycentral, MumbaiDsk Durgamata TowersDsk Durgamata Tower Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Colaba, MumbaiDosti Daisy Lotus Tulip Co – Op Limited- Antop Hill, MumbaiDosti Blossom Chs Limited- Antop Hill, MumbaiDosti Ambrosia: MumbaiDoshi Palace Co Op Hsg Society- Malabar Hill, MumbaiDolphin Kinjal Paradise: KhargharDiscovery Offices: MulundDiscovery OfficesDilwara Co Op- Nariman Point, MumbaiDhruvatara Chs Limited- Borivali (E), MumbaiDheeraj Sagar Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malad (W), MumbaiDheeraj Presidency Chs- Kandivali (W), MumbaiDheeraj Dreams 4b Co – Op Hsg Society- Bhandup (W), MumbaiDhawalgiri Co Op Housing Socy L- A K Road, MumbaiDhawalgiri Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Goregaon (E), MumbaiDhawalgiriDharavi Redevelopment ProjectDhanwantari Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Deonar, MumbaiDhanjiwadi Chawl Group Chs Limited- Malad (E), MumbaiDhanaimata Mahila Indust Chs Limited- Vikhroli, MumbaiDgawalgiri Co Op Housing Socy L- A K Road, MumbaiDev Chhaya Co-Op Hsg Society- Tulsiwadi, MumbaiDeepti Shakti Mukti Co-Op Hsg- Versova, MumbaiDeepak Jyoti Co-Operative- Parel, MumbaiDedhiya Bharat H- Sion (W), MumbaiDeccan Chs Ltd The- Khar, MumbaiDb Orchid EnclaveDaulatnagar Co-Op Hsg Soc Ltd- MumbaiDaulat Chs Ltd- Andheri (W), MumbaiDarbhanga Chs Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiDalmal Hse Commercla Complex- Nariman Point, MumbaiDalamal Park Co-Op Housing Soc Limited- Colaba, MumbaiDalamal Cuffe Parade Co – Op Hsg Socy Limited- Colaba, MumbaiDaffodils Co Op Hsg Society Limited- Turbhe, MumbaiDaffodil Co – Oprative- Mulund (E), MumbaiDadar Silver Beach Co-Op Hsg Soc- Bhavani Shankar, MumbaiDadar Avanti Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Bapat Marg, MumbaiCypress Co – Op Limited- Mulund (W), MumbaiCypress Co – Op- Iit Powai, MumbaiCyber One: VashiCuffe Castle Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- MumbaiCrescent Heights Co-Op Hsg Soc- A K Road, MumbaiCrescent Bay Tower 4: ParelCrescent Bay Tower 3: ParelCrescent Bay Tower 2: ParelCrescent Bay Tower 1: ParelCrescent Bay FCrescent Bay ECrescent Bay DCrescent Bay CCrescent Bay BCrescent Bay ACreek View Co – Op Limited- Borivali (W), MumbaiCosmopolitan Chs Limited- Panvel, MumbaiCordial Co – Op Credit Soc Limited- Mandvi, MumbaiConcorde Co-Op- Bandra, MumbaiCommerz TowerCloud 36: GhansoliCl Cid Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiCity Tower Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Antop Hill, MumbaiChinar Co Op Hsg Society Limited- Wadala, MumbaiChetak Chs Limited- Bandra, MumbaiChaturbhuj Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Kharghar, MumbaiCharkop Kesar Co-Op, Hsg Society Limited- Kandivali (W), MumbaiChandivali Om Chs Limited- Chandivali Farm Road, MumbaiChandak Co – Op Society- Turbhe, MumbaiChanchalsmruti Chs Limited- G D Ambedkar Road, MumbaiChamunda Heights: GhansoliChallengers Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiChaitanya Towers Co – Op Hsg Society- Prabhadevi, MumbaiChaitanya Towers Chs Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiChaitanya TowerCentury Mills TowerCentury It Park: WorliCentury It ParkCentral Park: MumbaiCentral ParkCenced Chs Limited- Khar (W), MumbaiCelestia Spaces: ParelCelestia Spaces 8: SewriCelestia Spaces 7: SewriCelestia Spaces 6: SewriCelestia Spaces 5: SewriCelestia Spaces 4: SewriCelestia Spaces 3: SewriCelestia Spaces 2: SewriCelestia Spaces 1: SewriCelestia Spaces 1 And 2Celestia SpacesCastelia: GhansoliCasablanca: Kopar KhairaneC G HouseC C I Chambers C H S Limited- Marine Lines, MumbaiByramjee Jeejeebhoy C: LalbaugByramjee Jeejeebhoy CByramjee Jeejeebhoy B: LalbaugByramjee Jeejeebhoy BByramjee Jeejeebhoy A: LalbaugByramjee Jeejeebhoy ABy Catholic Co-Op Hsg Limited- Santacruz, MumbaiBussa Heavy Indl Premises Chs- Lower Parel, MumbaiBuckley CourtBsel Information Systems Limited- Turbhe, MumbaiBrook Haven- Chakala M I D C, MumbaiBrillante: PanvelBrijkutir Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiBreezy Corner Chs Limited- Kandivali (W), MumbaiBombay Market Apts Co – Op Society Limited- Tulsiwadi, MumbaiBlue Haven Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiBlossom Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Military Road, MumbaiBimbisar Nagar Nisrag Chs Limited- Aareymilkcol, MumbaiBhumiraj Iraisaa: Palm Beach MargBhudragad Taluka Co – Op- Andheri (W), MumbaiBhoomiraj Hermitage: Palm Beach MargBhoomi Symphony: Kopar KhairaneBhoomi Parth: GhansoliBhoomi Paradise – 2: JuinagarBhoomi Paradise – 1: JuinagarBhoomi Oscar: GhansoliBhoomi Hills Chs Limited- Kandivali (E), MumbaiBhoomi Heights: KhargharBhoomi Grandeur: DronagiriBhoomi Gokul Co Op Hsg Society Ltd- Malad (E), MumbaiBhoomi Elite: Palm Beach MargBhoomi Colossa: AiroliBhendi Bazar Redevelopment Tower 4: Bhendi BazaarBhendi Bazar Redevelopment Tower 3: Bhendi BazaarBhendi Bazar Redevelopment Tower 2: Bhendi BazaarBhendi Bazar Redevelopment Tower 1: Bhendi BazaarBhandup Industries Est Chs- Bhandup (W), MumbaiBhairav Towers: Cbd BelapurBhairav Heights: Cbd BelapurBhagwati Eleganza: GhansoliBennett Villa Chs Limited- Colaba, MumbaiBenhur Co-Op Society- Malabar Hill, MumbaiBelvendre Court- Jacob Circle, MumbaiBelvedere CourtBelle Vue A & B: MulundBelle Vue A & BBelle – View Co – Op Limited- MumbaiBeau Monte At Sion Tower A And BBandra OhmBalaji Towers Co-Op Hsg Socy Limited- Nerul (W), MumbaiBalaji Symphony – 11 Towers: New PanvelBalaji Heritage: KhargharBadrinath Tower Co – Op Hsg Society- Andheri (W), MumbaiBachubai Bldg Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Fort, MumbaiAvon Classic Chs Limited- Borivali (E), MumbaiAvenue 54 Tower 1 To 5Avenue 54Avarsekar Heights Co – Op Housing Socitey- MumbaiAvalonAuris Serenity 3: MaladAuris Serenity 3Auris Serenity 2: MaladAuris Serenity 2Auris Serenity 1: MaladAuris Serenity 1Atmaj Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- A K Road, MumbaiAtlantis: GhansoliAtlanta Chs Limited- Malad, MumbaiAssociate Bankrs Colony- Borivali (W), MumbaiAssociate Bankers Colony- Borivali (W), MumbaiAssisi Co Op Hsg Socy Ltd- P L Lokhande Marg, MumbaiAsmita Orchid-I Co-Op Hsg Limited- Mira Road East, MumbaiAsmita Anita Complx Co Op Soc- Mira Road, MumbaiAshutosh Chs Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiAshtavinayak Co – Op Society Limited- Uran, MumbaiAshokraj Chs Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiAshok Towers D: ParelAshok Towers DAshok Towers A, B, CAshok Apartment Chs Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiAshadeep Co-Op Housing Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiArtesia: WorliArtesiaArmstrong Hex World: KhargharArjuna Garden Enclave Chs Limited- Vikhroli, MumbaiAristaAriosto Siesta: MulundAriosto SiestaArihant Tower Coop Hsg Soc Limited- Jeejamata Udyan, MumbaiArihant Aura: TurbheArihant Amodini: TalojaArihant Akanksha: PanvelArabian Sea View Co Op Hsg Soc Limited- Colaba, MumbaiAquaria Grande Tower B: MumbaiAquaria Grande Tower A: MumbaiAquaria Grande Tower A And BApsara Co-Op Limited- Bandra, MumbaiApaki Industrial Premises Co – Op- Kurla, MumbaiAnupam Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiAnsa Industries Premises Chs Limited- Sakinaka, MumbaiAnmol Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Goregaon (W), MumbaiAnjuman I Islam Emply Co Op Cre Scty Limited- Gpo, MumbaiAnita Coop Limited- Malabar Hill, MumbaiAnish Co Op Hsg Soc- Wagle Estate, MumbaiAndheri Manish Garden- Andheri (W), MumbaiAnand Kamal Co – Op Hsg Society- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiAmritkumbh Co – Op Hsg Soc Limited- Bhavani Shankar, MumbaiAmit Tata Employees Co-Op Hsg Soc- Prabhadevi, MumbaiAmerchand Mansion Co – Op Hsg Society Limited- Colaba, MumbaiAmbewadi Vaibhav Co-Op Hsg Soc- G D Ambedkar Road, MumbaiAman Chambers Premises Chs- Girgaon, MumbaiAlka Co – Operative Limited- Marine Lines, MumbaiAl Khatija Co-Op Shg Soc Limited- Jacob Circle, MumbaiAkruti Erica Co-Op Hsg So Limited- Vile Parle (E), MumbaiAkash Deep Co – Op- Ghatkopar (W), MumbaiAjay Sanjay Co Op Hous Socy Limited- Jeejamata Udyan, MumbaiAjanta Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Cumballa Hill, MumbaiAgra Road Indu Premises Coop So- Ghatkopar (W), MumbaiAdithya Apts Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Andheri (E), MumbaiAdarsh Ngr Chs Limited- Prabhadevi, MumbaiAdarsh Nagar Housing Socity- Andheri, MumbaiAdarsh Nagar Co-Op Limited- Adarsh Nagar, MumbaiAdarsh Co – Op- P Parekh Marg, MumbaiAd Hoc Committee Megha Tower E Premises Co Op Soc Ltdd- Somani Road, MumbaiAccolade Co-Op Hsg Soc Limited- Wagle Estate, MumbaiAbhyudaya Co – Op- Bandra, MumbaiAbhishek Co-Op Hsg Society Limited- Dadar (E), MumbaiA K Tower Co-Operative Housing- Goregaon (W), MumbaiA H Wadia Co Operative Limited- G D Ambedkar Road, Mumbai.

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Electric Media Research And Development is an Indian Infrared Thermography R&D Firm that specializes in Prediction of Future Failures to Save Human Life, Assets, Infrastructures, Mega-Structures, Heritage Structures and Billions of Dollars by Infrared Signature Analysis.

We have our own Baseline study for the past 35 Years.


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+91 9870988888


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