Waterproofing For Renting Property

Financial stability & liquidity have always been important regardless of anyone’s financial status and regardless of age, gender, industry or country and for the same many have invested in various fields, one of them being Real Estate.

There are two major aspects in Real Estate Investment:

  1. Appreciation in the value.
  2. Recurring Income.

Now the same gets adversely affected due to water leakage.

Through our vast and versatile experience we have come across various clients facing & searching solutions for water leakage issues as they are going through the following pain points:

  1. Not able to give it on rent.
  2. Existing tenant not paying rent due to water leakage.
  3. Property getting damaged due to water leakage.
  4. Stinky smell.
  5. Paint, furniture, wallpaper getting affected.
  6. Electronic appliances and facing short circuit due to water leakage.
  7. Inconvenience in not able to utilise one part or entire property.
  8. No cooperation from the person staying above. 
  9. Dealing with various brokers and they taking advantage of the situation. 
  10. Falling of POP.

Our expertise in non destructive technology, allows us to resolve the water leakage issue from the source itself from the negative side, without going to the above flat and we stand by for 8 years of guarantee for the same.

We understand the importance and value of Vastu and thus treat every vastu as ours and resolves the pain point instantly without breaking.

Our Day to Day Expert Assignment:

Arresting Water Leakages between the Flats Without Breaking,

Fixing Water Leakages from the Above Flats Without Breaking,

Stopping Water Leakage from the Terrace Without Breaking,

Sealing Water Leakages from the External Source Without Breaking,

Resolving / Fixing any kind of Water Leakages in the Basements, Car parking Area, Building lift pits, Expansion joints, etc without Breaking.

Our Objective:

To resolve the Water Leakage & Water Dripping Issues.

The Advantages to our Clients are as follows:

  1. We Conduct Free Site Visit in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai as per the convenience of client and us.
  2. We Detect the Source of Leakages & Fixit without Breaking.
  3. Methodology – EMWLSDP8 4. Customer Satisfaction Period eight years.

Our Approach To Your Need:

  1. Scrap the Surface Area at the Locations of Water Leakage/Seepage/Dripping Area only and Apply Powder at those Locations.
  1. This Process requires approximately 30 to 60 Minutes only. The Mentioned Process Time may vary depending upon the Site Conditions.
  1. The above-mentioned Procedure may also be required to do Multiple times in Periodical Intervals depending upon the Site Conditions.
  1. Our scope of work is limited to fixing of Water Leakages only without Prejudice. Any other work related to above job such as Pop, Painting, Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, providing of support services such as scaffolding, providing ladder, water, electricity, & Housekeeping Before & After The Work etc. is in Client’s scope of Work.
  1. Terms of Payment – 75% Advance along with Work Order and balance 25% immediately after completion of Work.
  1. Commencement Period – As suitable to both of us.
  1. Completion Period – Approximately 06 Days, It may vary depending upon the site conditions.
  1. Validity of the Quotation/Proforma Invoice – 03 Days.
  1. Customer Satisfaction Period – 8 years, if the leakage is observed at same place it will be attended free of cost.
  1. Jurisdiction – Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction, without Prejudice.
  1. Subject to Force Majeure Clause.
  1. Subject to COVID-19 lockdown conditions.

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